#GridTip with Jornea Erwin: Parent-Teacher Conferences 🏫

The following post is written by Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Erwin. In this series Jornea will share a unique #GridTip to help you make the most of your Flipgrid subscription!


Amplify voices of all using Flipgrid for Parent-Teacher Conferences! 

School has started, students are learning, and now it is time for parent-teacher conferences! Teachers, parents, and students all around the world engage in parent-teacher conferences or student-led conferences with one goal in mind - to collaboratively discuss the achievements, progress, and ways for students to have amazing learning experiences. As teachers and parents begin building rapport they both give each other insight into the world of the student as well as how to best assist students in both the school and home setting. 

The parent-teacher partnership begins on the first day of school, but it is often difficult for both the teacher and the parent to find common times to fully communicate progress, including strengths and challenges. Flipgrid's asynchronous capability perfectly assists this issue by allowing access anytime and anywhere. Teachers can build rapport with parents and continuously communicate student accomplishments through class artifacts and evidence on the grid. The replies-to-responses feature allows teachers and parents to leave feedback and words of inspiration to motivate students. 

Here are a few tips for your first Parent-Teacher Conference, which will inspire teachers, parents, and students to continue sharing and learning beyond the conferences.

  1. Share your excitement and how you use Flipgrid to engage your students.

  2. Invite parents to download the app or access the web-based version and share how to access their child’s Responses.

  3. Choose to either share your class Grid Code, obtain Private Links or QR codes for student responses you’d like to share with parents or for Flipgrid Classroom users, create a special Grid for each student sharing their “personal best” work using Flipgrid.

  4. Encourage parents to look at showcased work and provide feedback wither via:

    • Emoji Reactions

    • Replies-to-Responses (for Flipgrid Classroom Educators)

  5. Finally, consider setting up a Grid or Topic for parents to ask questions, share ideas, or to participate in goal setting. This helps to communicate they are an integral part of the classroom community.

Enjoy sharing all of the amazing learning taking place in your classroom and continue to amplify the voice of all! 

See you on the Grid