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Last month the Flipgrid educator community grew by 80,000 thanks to you. Thank you for championing the importance of #StudentVoice and thank you for sharing all your epic Flipgrid ideas with your peers!

If you are among the 80,000 new educators that joined Flipgrid in October, welcome! You are now part of an incredible, inspiring, and supportive community, here to help as you empower and amplify your learners. If you haven’t already, meet some new friends by checking out #FlipgridFever on Twitter, find launch-ready discussion prompts in the Disco Library, and download Karly and Sean’s incredible Educator’s Guide to Flipgrid!

Keep reading to learn about Skype-A-Thon, Guest Mode, the Immersive Reader, seven community-driven updates to Flipgrid, and more!



Team Flipgrid is thrilled to join the 48-hour global event and meet with you and your students! Learn more about how you can leverage the dual power of Skype and Flipgrid and sign up to chat with us during Skype-a-Thon at the link below!

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Families and friends and experts, oh my! Guest Mode allows you to introduce a community of inspiration to your students by inviting guests into your Flipgrid Topics. In addition to explaining how to get started, InterACTIVE educators Kristin and Joe Merrill have crafted ideas on how you can expand learning beyond the walls of your classroom with Family Homework, School-Wide Challenges, and more.

Welcome to Flipgrid, Guest Mode 🎟


Every update we make to Flipgrid is sparked from ideas shared by the amazing and innovative educators in the #FlipgridFever community. Check out the seven latest Flipgrid updates you inspired!

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The innovative and inspiring Gen-Z whisperer, Holly Clark, is spilling the beans and sharing her wealth of wisdom on how we can understand and meet the learning needs of our students! Join us for this energizing Flipgrid Feature followed by Scott, Kristin, and Joe’s world-renowned #FlipgridFever Chat.

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In addition to giving every student an equally amplified voice, Flipgrid now provides equitable access to your amazing discussion prompts with Microsoft Learning Tools’ powerful Immersive Reader. You may have noticed the small book and speaker icon in your Topics; students can simply click to explore the text, have the prompt read aloud, and more!

#BetterTogether! Learn more about Immersive Reader in Flipgrid 💚

Mic Drops 🎤⬇️

We love seeing the amazing ways you’re empowering #StudentVoice. Here are a few ideas that went viral in the #FlipgridFever community last month!

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