Flipgrid Explorer Series: Nature

Note: the Nature Explorer Series has ended! Fear not though: we’re working on more opportunities for your students to connect with Flipgrid Explorers. Find out more over here!


Our first Flipgrid Explorer, Laura the Explorer, is back! But, instead of chilling out down in Antarctica, Laura is heating things up in Panama! During this explorer series, Laura will guide your students on an exploration of nature and the world around us!

Head over to Laura's Grid and have your students join the Pre-Discussion Topic: What's something that confuses you about nature? Then, join us Monday, November 6th, and send your students off on an adventure. In addition to sharing exciting observations from her research in Panama, Laura will help your students design and execute an individual experiment to share with their fellow peers on the Grid. Over the course of this two-week Explorer Series, we'll have five Topics for you and your students:

  • Pre-Discussion, October 30: What's something that confuses you about nature?

  • Laura's Adventure Journal, November 6-17: Here Laura will share her exploration around Panama!

  • Research Hypothesis, November 6-10: If you haven't heard of a "hypothesis" check out Laura's intro video! Then, when you're ready, share a hypothesis that you want to test next week.

  • Exploration Discovery, November 13-17: This week, find a time to test your hypothesis by exploring the nature in your backyard. Once you're done, share your discovery here!

  • Q & A, November 6-17: Share your questions with Laura! She'll have intermittent connection but will try to answer as many questions as she can!

About Laura the Explorer:

Laura is a Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at Northeastern University. She first got on the Grid last fall while studying in Antarctica. She just left Friday Harbor and is now is studying down in Panama. In addition to being a Flipgrid Explorer, Laura is a STEMinistas Mentor (a science club for girls) who inspires middle school girls with coaching and experiments.