Flipgrid Explorer Series: Music 👩‍🎤🎺🎧🎻🎤

Note: the Music Explorer Series has ended! Fear not though: we’re working on more opportunities for your students to connect with Flipgrid Explorers. Find out more over here!

In honor of Music in Our Schools Month, we’re excited to announce that March’s Explorer Series is… Music! To learn more about the Series, read on!


Starting March 12, 2018, join Flipgrid Ambassador Theresa Ducassoux and a collection of music professionals as she engages your students in discussion around why music is important and what it means to pursue a career in music. During this two-week series, you and your students will get to meet a range of music professionals who will share both a day-in-the-life and their journeys to where they are today!

  • LIVE Now - Warm Up: Have you ever considered a career in music? Who is your favorite artist, composer, or musician?

  • March 12 - 23 - The Ensemble: Join conductor Theresa Ducassoux and her ensemble of musical professionals as they discuss how they got to where they are today and a #DayInTheLife!

  • March 12 - 17 - Making Music: How do you make music? Do you play an instrument, sing, tap out beats on your desk, beatbox, or create your own musical inventions?

  • March 18 - 23 - Amplifying Music: Why is music important to include in school curriculum?

  • March 18 - 23 - Recital: The stage is yours! Play a 30-90 second solo or get your friends together and perform as a trio, quartet, or however many fellow musicians you can fit!

  • March 12 - 23 - Music to My Ears: What questions do you have for Theresa? She will answer as many as she can and we'll feature the Responses with her Replies!

Enrich your engagement with this Hyperdoc from the Savvy Educator. Also, check out more amazing music Topics from the Discovery Library!

If you haven’t participated in a Flipgrid Explorer Series, we’d love for this to be your first! To get an idea of what it's like, check out Beth Mistretta's experience along with our previous Explorer Series Grids: Sharks, Code, Nature, Brains, Fossils, Raptors, and Antarctica!

Meet Theresa
Theresa is a music teacher at Arlington Public Schools and esteemed Flipgrid Ambassador. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Penn State University and a Master’s Degree in Instrumental Wind Conducting from West Chester University. After putting out a call for Explorers, she reached out with this idea to have a Music Explorer Series and we thought it was brilliant! Theresa has been an inspiration for music teachers on Flipgrid. This past winter, she hosted a Holiday Music Grid and collected over 150 performances! We’re excited to have her lead this fine-tuned Explorer Series!