Microsoft Global Learning Connection


Join the global #GridPals celebration… #MSFTGlobalConnect

During this 48-hour event formally known as Skype-a-Thon, thousands of scholars will “travel” around the world via Skype, Teams, and Flipgrid to share their cultures, ideas, questions, and more! Learn more about the entire event on the Microsoft Education Blog and keep reading for tips on how you can participate in the event and earn miles by connecting with classes via Flipgrid.

Preparing for #MSFTGlobalConnect

Flipgrid enables you and your community to meet peers around the world without the constraints of time zones and schedules. Your class can meet and exchange videos with your #GridPals from anywhere in the world whenever the time is most convenient for you during the #MSFTGlobalConnect on Nov 5 and 6. Prior to the event:

  1. Complete your Educator Profile on Flipgrid.

  2. Find the educator(s) you want to meet on the #GridPals map or via the Microsoft Educator Community / Skype in the Classroom. If you are planning on connecting with an expert or company, check out how you can share your students’ videos with Guest Mode!

  3. Set up your #MSFTGlobalConnect Grid (and add your fellow educator as a CoPilot).

  4. Create or find the Topic you want your community to discuss during the #MSFTGlobalConnect Event: for ideas, check out the Conversation Starters #DiscoLibrary Playlist.

  5. Check out this Teacher Toolkit for tips and ideas on getting ready for the big day!

If you want to host a live call, connect via Skype or Teams!

November 5-6, 2019: #MSFTGlobalConnect

With your fellow educator, coordinate logistics on when each class will record and view each others’ videos. In addition to exchanging videos, task your students with the fun challenge of calculating how many miles they are “traveling” to meet their peers. Record your miles here!

Throughout your day, share your adventures and stories on social with #MSFTGlobalConnect #MicrosoftEDU #FlipgridFever and @Flipgrid

Continue the conversation after #MSFTGlobalConnect

Whether you connect on Flipgrid, Skype, or Teams, continue the conversation with your new friends around the world! Search the #DiscoLibrary for Topics to discuss and the hashtag #GridPals on Twitter for inspiration!