International Dot Day

The following is a guest post from Lisa Scumpieru, a 10th grade English teacher at North Hagerstown High School in Hagerstown, Md. She is a Flipgrid Ambassador, Formative Educator, and Common Lit Advisory Board Member. She loves trying new things in the classroom and learning and growing as a teacher.  

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The premise of International Dot Day is simple: “start with a dot and see where it will take you.” Students create a dot with arts and crafts supplies and then discuss the impact of their work. It is a simple yet powerful lesson that provides a beautiful venue for students to explain how they will leave their mark on the world.

By the fourth week of school, I was able to see a different layer from my students. I was able to see the students who would take risks, the more reserved students, the artistic students, and the “outside the box” thinkers. I observed smiles, laughter, and compliments because everyone had a way of making their dot work for them in their own way. There were no rules or directions, just time to express one’s self.

I displayed my students’ work and referenced their masterpieces throughout the year when highlighting concepts such as “thinking outside the box” or “delving deeper into figurative language” because we all had started at a place that we understood and appreciated.

This year I’m excited to introduce International Dot Day with Flipgrid. To get started, sign up for International Dot Day on their website. You can also check out my resources, which I’ve gathered over the year from people who have shared ideas. Once your students have completed their artwork, have them share their piece and experience International Dot Day 2017 with other students all around the world. As you will see, there are a variety of topics on the grid, for you or your students to choose from. I hope this opportunity will be a chance for students to share their authentic voice, creations, and ideas with an authentic audience at a larger scale than just the classroom.

The grid will be open now until September 22, 2017.  If you have any questions or suggestions about the grid and topics, please e-mail me at I hope your Dot Day 2017 is a blast and that you get to see how you and your students can get out there and make your marks!  I cannot wait for my students visit the grid and know that other students are out there exploring their world alongside them.