Introducing... Flipgrid Ideas ⚡️

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Students are truly incredible! When afforded a small amount of input into their classroom experience, they create a social learning environment where everyone benefits. We want to give these powerful minds a place to add their voice to the community outside the confines of a Topic. Enter Ideas.

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The Ideas bar is located right under your Grid cover photo. Ideas is a hub for your students to share short videos about what they are thinking, reading, watching, doing, or creating with their learning community. Ideas videos are limited to 15 seconds to encourage creativity, brevity, and engagement. And just as you can do with any Response in a Topic, you can Spark an Idea and create a Topic centered around that student's authentic insight. In addition, if you are a Flipgrid Classroom user, your students can reply to each other's Ideas and take social learning to a new level!

On the Admin side, Ideas appears as a Topic with all the treasured features available for Topics: Moderation, Replies-to-Responses, Emoji Reactions, Stickers, and more! You can also update the Topic text your students will see when recording their idea to focus the discussion on ... whatever you want! 

Note: The Ideas bar will be visible in all new Grids (you can deactivate it if you want). You will need to activate the Ideas Topic in your existing Grids.

We are excited to see the innovative ways you use the Ideas bar with your students, fellow educators, and beyond!