Hosack and Edwards showcase Flipgrid at GPEA

On April 2, 2014, Brad Hosack (Lead Designer and Co-Founder of Flipgrid) and Nate Edwards (Lead Mobile Developer of Flipgrid) showcased  at the University of Minnesota 2014 Graduate and Professional Education Assembly (GPEA).

Hosack and Edwards' presentation was titled "Sparking, Engaging, and Capturing Video-based Group Discussions in Online Education."

This presentation examined the missing elements of student interaction in fully online classrooms; the differences in student interaction in hybrid classrooms; and how using video-based communication tools, such as Flipgrid, can boost community and social presence for both. In addition, they discussed how Flipgrid can be used to create an informal space for interaction in any learning environment (including face-to-face classrooms) by extending discussion beyond the classroom.