#GridTips for #GridPals

The following post is written by Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Armant Erwin. In this series, (see the full collection here), Jornea will share a unique #GridTip to help you make the most of Flipgrid!

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#GridPals are taking the world by storm! With the leadership of Student Voice Ambassador Bonnie McClelland, over 1,500 classrooms world-wide have connected on Flipgrid. #GridPals are an innovative spin on pen-pals: educators leverage the power of Flipgrid to break down the walls of their classroom and engage students in meaningful learning experiences with peers around the world. To support your #GridPals experience, I've put together a few tips (and Discover Library Topics you can use!) to deepen the learning experience. 

⚡️LEARN from diverse perspectives & see what life is like from a different point of view.  To get started, simply have your class introduce themselves to others.
🔎 #GridPals Introduction Topic
🔎 #GridPals Mystery Location Topic
🔎 #GridPals Weather Center
#GridPals can also learn more about each other by sharing views about world events, family life, sports, religion, music and talents.

⚡️SHARE a love of learning with others. Students love sharing their favorite books with others while receiving recommendations for new books to explore.  This promotes positive reading habits and allows students to have thinking partners both in and out of their classroom.  Whether sharing a book or celebrating learning achievements, students will have fun being inspired by the happenings in each other's classrooms!
🔎 #GridPals Book Buddies
🔎 #GridPals Weekly Highlights

⚡️SUPPORT others by sharing strategies for learning.  Although students may work towards different standards all over the world, growth in learning is what's common among them.  Co-planning learning experiences with your CoPilot(s) will encourage students to take risks, share ideas, seek ways to address problems, and offer solutions. Encourage your students to create videos sharing learning or ideas that challenge their thinking, to ask for assistance,  or a model of a strategy to gain understanding.
🔎 #GridPals Math Challenges
🔎 #GridPals Ideas in Innovation
🔎 #GridPals Question Parking Lot
🔎 #GridPals Fail Forward

Connecting with others will help students to IMPROVE reading, writing, speaking, listening skills, content understanding, increase MOTIVATION and GLOBAL EMPATHY, help students participate in and ADVOCATE for equitable learning experiences, and meet FUTURISTIC LEARNING needs.  

#GridPals go forth and LEARN, SHARE, and SUPPORT one another!

See you on the grid,