Let's Be #GridPals 🌍🌏🌎

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Flipgrid was created for a single class, (Charlie’s University of Minnesota PHD students, to be exact), but it didn't take long for educators to begin using Flipgrid in unique ways to connect with classrooms around the world. 

  • A Kindergarten class in Iowa connected with Kindergarten students in Sudan
  • Three Norwegian educators connected their students with classes in South Dakota.
  • A high school English teacher in New York connected his students with a middle school Science class in Ohio.

Educators have made thousands of connections, using Flipgrid to increase social learning, global empathy, and cultural understanding. They inspired us to create Global Connections, a space to share your collaborative projects, and CoPilots, a way for you to share management of your Grid with a fellow educator. 

And then it led to #GridPals. We were hanging out on Twitter one evening and chatting with a bunch of you all. Around 5:30 our good friend Bonnie McClelland tweeted at us. She was super excited about her students' engagement with their Flipgrid penpal classroom and wanted to know what hashtag she should use when tweeting about it. She suggested #GridPals... and the rest is history!

The hashtag went viral and Bonnie stepped up to help lead this global movement. She created the world's nicest form, and to date over 750 educators have signed up to connect their class with students around the world.

All educators can participate in GridPals on both Flipgrid One (free) and Flipgrid Classroom ($65 / year). That being said, there are different strategies if both educators are Flipgrid One. We'll provide those via email once you sign up.

If you want to flatten the walls of your classroom and connect your students, now's your chance. The first batch of applicants have been paired and we'll continue to pair up educators as applications come in. Join the fun!

Just fill out the form below, or click here to open in a new tab. If you have any questions, shoot us an email: gridpals@flipgrid.com