Grid Community Types

Welcome to Flipgrid! Wondering which Grid community type is best for you and your students? We’ve explained each type to help you choose.


School Email

Setting up your Grid is as simple as entering everything after the @ symbol in your Microsoft or Google school account. Most schools use Microsoft or Google accounts, so check with your school if you’re not sure.

Note: Students and teachers often have different email domains. Make sure to add multiple domains so both teachers and students can easily join the Grid. This also works for GridPals!


Student ID

If younger students don’t have school emails, Student ID is for you. Add students and their unique identifiers. The identifiers can be anything you want - their first name, ID #, lunch PIN, etc. You'll also get a custom QR code for each student. Tape to desks or notebooks for easy access by scanning the unique code in Flipgrid. 


PLCs and Public

If you're looking to amplify a global community, PLCs and Public makes sharing easy. Anyone with your Flip Code can check out the amazing videos from your community. To record videos, participants will need a Microsoft or Google account (school or personal). If you’d like to make your Grid more secure you can add a password and then share both the password and Flip Code with your community.