Flipgrid Explorer Series: Fossils


We are excited to kick-off this school year with a brand new edition of our Flipgrid Explorer series, this time with an explorer from Midland, Texas who excavates fossils… in a murky river!

Starting Monday, September 18th, Explorer Jason Osborne will explain how oceanic fossils ended up in riverbeds, discuss his gear and excavation tools, and share discovery videos. He'll also have several discussion topics for your students:

  • September 5th: Pre-knowledge - What do you know about fossils? What can fossils tell us?
  • September 18th: Topic One - If you were an explorer, what would you study and why?
  • September 25: Topic Two - Why do people study fossils? Why is it important?
  • October 2: Topic Three - What is a challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?
  • October 6: Reflection - What did you learn? What was most interesting?

In addition to these discussion topics, Jason will host a Q&A Topic for your curious students to pick his brain. Have your students check into this Topic throughout the Series as we'll feature Responses with Jason's Replies.

Classes can participate in this three-week program in any way. Some combine in-person lessons with the series, others catch up on Jason's videos and respond to the discussion topic once per week. 

Join the discussion starting September 18th at: Flipgrid.com/fossils

Jason is our third Flipgrid Explorer, following the likes of Marine Biologist Laura in Antartica and Raptor Expert Mike from the University of Minnesota. We are excited for your students to join us on this adventure!

BONUS: Will you be participating? Shoot us an email and let us know: fossils@flipgrid.com. One lucky class will have the opportunity to Skype with Jason during the last week of the series! 

If you're interested in expanding you're students' involvement with this Explorer Series, check out these awesome videos from Jason's previous experience:

See the Ancient Whale Skull Recovered From a Virginia Swamp (National Geographic)

A 300-Pound Fossil Skull in a Swamp? (Google Science Fair)

About Jason

Jason is the President and CoFounder of Paleo Quest, a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the sciences of paleontology and geology through material contributions to museum collections, field exploration, publication and the advancement of science education. Jason’s work in science, education, communication and engineering has been recognized and featured in publications and media outlets such as Nature, Science, Scientific American, Popular Science, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, CBS,CNN, and NPR. In June 2013, the White House Executive Office of The President honored Jason as a Champion of Change for his dedication to increasing public engagement in science and science literacy. We were put in touch with Jason from one of our awesome Ambassadors, Heather Lamb - thank you Heather!