eRead Africa uses Flipgrid to record student reflections

eRead Africa

eRead Africa (@kids_eread) is on a mission to promote the use of technology, as a means to ignite curiosity and thirst for knowledge in Africa. In their program, students' love for reading is nurtured as they read aloud stories on eBooks and other digital platforms.

During eLearning sessions, students ages 5-11 use Flipgrid to record feedback about stories that other students have read aloud. These recorded reflections encourage opportunities for students to share from their imagination, their own creative understanding of the story concept.

The eRead Africa program is excited to take it up a notch with planned Skype sessions with schools from different countries, where students will talk about their unique problems and work together to find solutions. After each Skype session, students from the schools involved will use Flipgrid to record and share reflective feedback on their experiences.

We are excited to be included in this international program to encourage learning and collaboration!

To visit the eRead Africa website, click here.