Dive Deeper as a Level 2 Flipgrid Certified Educator 🐠


Ready to dive deeper and become a Level 2 Flipgrid Certified Educator?

Strap on your scuba gear and jump in:

  1. Earn your Level 1 Flipgrid Certified Educator Badge

  2. Add five enriching, resource-infused Topics to the Disco Library. Be sure to include Integration Notes to help your peers as they use your Topic with their class. After being reviewed by our Educator Innovation Leads, your Topic will be launched in Disco Library. Check out this post for best practices and guidance!

  3. Explore the rad ways you can engage families and the community by creating a MixTape and adding at least 3 videos from across your Grids.

  4. Share your voice by posting a video on this Topic.

Once your five Disco Library Topics are approved, email us at certified@flipgrid.com with your My Disco Library link (see image below) and the subject line β€œLevel 2”!

**BONUS: Now that you have a direct link to all your Disco Library Topics, share your awesome creations with the world on social!

Thank you for diving deeper and becoming a Flipgrid Certified Expert (Level 2)!