Discovery Library Trailblazer + Updates 🤠

If you haven't checked out the Flipgrid Discovery Library lately, you're missing out! It is THE spot to find your next great discussion prompt and share your best with peers around the world. There have been thousands of Topic templates shared to date, covering every age range, subject, and goal. Whether you want to discuss cyber bullying, cell mitosis, or mixed number subtraction, your peers in the Flipgrid community have you covered. Today we are excited to share some major updates AND a new badge with you!

Discovery Library Updates

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 5.15.29 PM.png

The next time you log in to your Educator Dashboard and check out the Discovery Library, the first thing you'll see is that we now have Featured Topics. Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Erwin is regularly scouring the Library and featuring those that are most timely, valuable, and engaging. We've also added Clapping, a fun new way to recognize (and sort!) great Topics. Lastly, we've built Custom Filters. Want to share the best middle school math topics with your colleagues? Simply filter for middle school math then copy/paste the URL! 

Discovery Trailblazer


Sharing in the Discovery Library helps your educator peers understand the unique and valuable ways Flipgrid can be used to increase engagement and amplify student voice. To recognize these contributions, we created the Discovery Trailblazer badge! Every Thursday, Jornea Erwin will choose one educator to receive the badge in recognition of her/his contributions to the Discovery Library. Educators will be recognized for posting Topics that have been used a lot, have a ton of student engagement, are related to timely or newsworthy topics, or are just plain awesome. Want to read all of Jornea's tips and tricks for posting top-notch Topics? Check out this #GridTip. If you know someone who is deserving of the badge, please let Jornea know!

As always - all of these updates come from ideas and feedback we receive from the amazing Flipgrid educator community. Thank you for your commitment to supporting each other, increasing student engagement, and amplifying voice!