Flipgrid Creator Series...Starring You ⭐️


From emails to tweets, we hear you! The #FlipgridFever community loves amplifying #StudentVoice nation- and even world-wide in discussing the book they’re readying, project they’re working on, or study they’re conducting. We’ve even had a few authors reach out directly, excited about connecting the incredible students reading their books.

With just a little bit of work architecting, amplifying a community of students around the world is easy! Based on our experiencing organizing the Flipgrid Explorer Series, here’s what we recommend to launch your own global Flipgrid Creator Series.

Pick Your Timeline

For a collaborative Grid, we recommend a two-three week timeframe. Moreover, give your audience around a months notice so that educators have time to build the Series into their schedules.

Architect Your Grid

Build out your entire Grid prior to hosting your Creator Series. Be sure to pick a unique Grid Code to make finding and contributing to your discussion a breeze (check out this blog post for more tips on best practices). We recommend keeping the Topics to one per week, with a few Topics that span the entire Series. Note you can add all your Topics ahead of time and simply keep future Topics hidden! To start off your Grid, consider these four Topics:

  • Content Topic, throughout the entire Creator Series: use this single Topic to share your content with students. This way students always know where they can easily find videos from you. To highlight the given week’s content, either make past videos Inactive or Feature the active week’s content.

  • Discussion Topics, one per week: Host one Topic a week where students can share their voices. A great way to do this clearly labeling your Topics and Pinning the active Topics. For example, start the series with a “Pre-Knowledge” Topic, then a “Week 1,” “Week 2,” “Week 3,” and “Reflection” Topic. You can adjust how these appear on your Grid by manipulating the display date. To help your audience, consider scheduling Topics or Hiding Topics until the given week.

  • Ideas Bar, throughout the entire series: Use the Ideas Bar for students to share thoughts beyond the confines of the Topics. (Note, the Ideas Topic is automatically launched with every new Grid)

  • Q & A Topic, throughout the entire Creator Series: Host one Topic for participants to specifically reach out with questions. Using the Replies-to-Responses feature, respond directly to student questions.

Build Your Audience

Reach out directly to educators via email, blog posts, Twitter, and any other way you communicate with your audience to have classes enroll in your Series. Encourage your rockstar educators to have their students post on the Grid as soon as you launch the Series so that classes who are new to Flipgrid see what participating looks like and are more comfortable joining the discussion.

Share Your Grid with Us

If you have a rockstar Creator Series in the works, let us know at hello@flipgrid.com. We'd love to see what you're working on and may even feature your Series in a Tweet or email!