Flipgrid Explorer Series: Code

Note: the Code Explorer Series has ended! Fear not though: we’re working on more opportunities for your students to connect with Flipgrid Explorers. Find out more over here!


For our next Explorer Series, we wanted to try something a bit different. We know that many of you are working on coding projects with your learners, so we thought, who better to be our next Flipgrid Explorers than our very own developers, Liz Maddy and Paul Conlin. During this two-week series, Liz and Paul will talk about computer science, how they got into coding, and what that means on a day-to-day basis here at Flipgrid HQ.

Join us December 4 - 15 to talk about coding, the design process, and how an idea becomes a functional feature in Flipgrid. In addition to sharing their expertise, Liz and Paul will ask your students to discuss a project they're working on, taking it from ideation to reflection over the two weeks.

If you're looking for an awesome way to integrate this Explorer Series into your curriculum, check out this amazing HyperDoc from Karly Moura: Flipgrid Explorer Series: Code HyperDoc

Here is the Topic overview for the Series:

  • Pre-Knowledge, live now: What do you know about coding? What questions do you have about how your favorite website works? Also, feel free to share any questions you have about computer science, developers, and coding!

  • The Source Code, December 4-15: Here Liz and Paul will share their story and lives as developers!

  • Week 1, December 4-8: The logic of coding is all around us! Share a project you're working on! What problem are you trying to solve and what are the challenges? Don't have a project you're working on? No problem, let us know: what's a piece of technology that you have that your teacher did not have at your age? How has this technology changed our lives?

  • Week 2, December 11-15: Showcase your project! What was your goal? What challenges did you overcome? What was the end result? If you don't have a project, no problem: let us know what technology advancement do you think will come next?

  • Debugging, December 4-15: Share your questions for Liz and Paul in this Topic; they’ll answer as many as they can!

  • Reflection, December 15: What's something you learned about computer science?

If you haven’t participating in a Flipgrid Explorer Series, we’d love to have you join us. To get an idea of what it's like, check out Antarctica, Raptors, Fossils, Brains, and Nature.

Liz joined Flipgrid back when the platform was in its early stages in the University of Minnesota’s LT Media Lab under the direction of our Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder Charlie Miller. Liz is the proud mother of two rambunctious children, can be seen with her iconic Mr. T pink coffee mug, and works on our visual web design. After graduating with a degree in Entrepreneurial studies, Paul taught himself how to code. He joined our team shortly after we became an independent company. Paul enjoys riding to work on his Boosted Board and architecting a majority of what you see on Flipgrid on the web!