#GridTip: Let's Celebrate Readers 📚

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Ann Kozma. In the #GridTip series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid.

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Hello friends! I am so excited. This is my first #GridTip and I’m starting off with a celebration of reading! As educators, we want all of our students to be successful. We also want them to develop a love of reading. By providing pathways for all readers to share, we can celebrate alongside our students as they develop skills related to phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. In this #GridTip I'll share how one school champions their readers using Flipgrid and provide tips for creating your own Celebration of Reading Grid! 


#BWreads at Beechwood School

Emily McDougall, COTSEN Mentor and Literacy Specialist at Beechwood School in Fullerton, California, created the #BWreads Grid as a space for Kindergarten through 8th Grade students to share and celebrate reading in class and beyond! Her goals were to:

🎉Celebrate readers on campus
🏫Provide an authentic place to share reading lives in class and beyond
💪Empower readers to use skills gained in Readers Workshop and direct instruction
🏠Connect with families in the community and engage readers at home

Emily and the staff got together and brainstormed topics that would be meaningful for the students. Teachers, Specialists, and Administrators joined forces and provided opportunities for classrooms to “sign up” and students immediately began adding to the Grid. #BWReads became a movement that involved the entire learning community and grew beyond a school wide celebration of reading. Just check out these reviews from students, teachers, and admins!

“I liked posting videos and watching my friends’ videos. This helped me improve as a reader because I used to skip words. I decided that I wouldn’t skip words anymore. I wanted to learn more about book so I could share them with my friends.” - Evan, 2nd Grade

“I loved learning about new books that I could read. I would go to the 4th Grade Topic and see what videos my friends put in there.” - Mia, 4th Grade

“Letting my students share their books on Flipgrid empowered them as readers. They began to learn more about different types of text and this gave them authentic ways to extend their learning.” - Ms. Ritz, 1st Grade Teacher

“This is part of the fabric of our school, it is our reading community. It’s cool to explain your thinking, it’s what our readers do and this is an exciting way to do it.” Mrs. Graham, Principal


Create your Own Grid

🔒Determine which Grid Community type works best for your school. Unsure which Grid type you need? Here's some information to help you choose!

👩‍🏫Help teachers and students learn how to use Flipgrid. Encourage the staff to try it out first. Go hands on and push buttons. If you’re new to Flipgrid, be sure to check out the awesome Flipgrid Booth Instruction Posters created by Student Voice Ambassador Claudio Zavala.

🧠Brainstorm with your community to generate Topics that will be meaningful for your readers. Let students and families suggest Topics too! Make sure you have a wide range of Topics that interest readers of all levels. Share examples of how to organize your thinking (Thinking Maps, Graphic Organizers, etc) to help students be successful with their first response.

💌Partner up with your teacher peers and admins then share the Grid widely with your community. Promote your Grid at Back to School Night, in your school Newsletter, on your school’s social media pages, talk about it and let your community know what you are trying to do to celebrate the readers on campus.


Disco Library

As is often the case, the best place to find inspiration as you're starting a Flipgrid project is to explore the Disco Library. Here are 13 Disco Library Topics that are perfect for your new Celebration of Reading Grid! 

Elementary Topics
📖Saralee’s Favorite Book
📖Chelsea’s 1 Minute Book Talk Challenge
📖Amanda’s Book Talks
📖Samantha’s 6 Word Summaries

Middle School Topics
📖Kelly’s Your Book Talk
📖Meagan’s Book Love Book Talk
📖Mandy’s Book Talk Bonanza
📖Rick’s Become the Character
📖Sarah’s Reading Response

High School Topics
📖Janel’s 30 Second Book Talks  
📖Janice’s Blind Book Dates
📖Laura’s Adversity in Literature
📖Kathleen’s Current Events & Text Connections

As your school year begins, I hope you find ways to share and celebrate the authentic reading lives of those in your community. If you have any questions, give me a shout anytime on Twitter or email: ann@flipgrid.com. I'm always here to help!

Here’s to the learning journey. See you on the Grid! 🚀