Flipgrid + Canvas Updates 🎉 #FriendsForever


It’s official! Canvas and Flipgrid are pretty much #FriendsForever. Today we are excited to announce several enhancements to our Canvas app that will make your life a little bit easier and your students’ social learning experience on Canvas a lot more … social! 

Here are a few of the new updates that will ignite social learning communities in your Canvas+Flipgrid courses. EVERYTHING outlined below is now LIVE!

1) Canvas Grid Access Control

Only students in your Canvas courses can access your connected Grids, adding additional security to your course content and students’ Flipgrid video responses. Like everything on Flipgrid, this is your control as the educator. You can change this at any time under your Grid settings and open your Canvas Grids to connect your students with the world!

2) Automatic Grid Creation

Add Flipgrid to your Canvas course and a Grid is automatically created and connected. It’s magic! You also have the power to connect any of your existing Grids to your Canvas course and amplify your favorite Flipgrid communities.

3) Easy Student Participation

Students’ info (i.e. their name and Canvas email address) is pre-populated when they submit a Flipgrid response. Less time typing, more time engaging!

4) Flipgrid Assignments

Add a Flipgrid Topic for your next Canvas assignment. Simply create a Canvas assignment, attach your Grid as an External Tool in the Submission Type, and watch as students build and strengthen a social learning community in your course!

5) SpeedGrader Integration

What is a Canvas assignment without SpeedGrader? That’s like peanut butter without jelly! Now, you can breeze through feedback & assessment with Flipgrid SpeedGrader integration. All Flipgrid video Responses and Replies are organized by the individual student. It’s like you have superpowers!

6) Anywhere, Anytime

Students can share their voices within Canvas from any browser. Or, if they are using the Canvas mobile web experience or apps, they can take it to the next level on our free Flipgrid iOS + Android apps that now sync up with your Canvas course. 


We built these integrations based on feedback from our amazing Flipgrid and Canvas educator communities. Like everything on Flipgrid and Canvas – the user experience is everything! 

For further details and to get started, check out our Canvas integration doc