August Shorts Report 🌈

Welcome to our monthly newsletter, the “Shorts Report!” Curated for you by me (@AdamShortShorts 🥳 on the Engagement Team), this post is filled with the latest Flipgrid updates and opportunities! Learning loves community: share with your friends!


Whether Flipgrid is new-to-you or you're embracing all the new updates and opportunities, the team, #FlipgridFever community, and I are here to help. Join us in exploring new realities this August with #FlipgridPD, #FlipgridAR, the #FlipgridFever Festival, and more!


Introducing… Shorts! We took the brand new Flipgrid Camera you and your students love and created a unique experience designed just for you. Create enriching and compelling video stories for school, work, and life to share ANYWHERE!

Log in to your Educator Admin to create your first Shorts video!

Every week Jornea, Jess, or Ann (your Educator Innovation Leads) go LIVE for an overview of everything you need to know to get started with Flipgrid.

Join the next #FlipgridPD session!

We're excited to roll out our #FlipgridFever Calendar packed with an evolving collection of ideas and events centered around engaging your scholars and connecting with fellow educators!

#StudentVoice today, #StudentVoice tomorrow, #StudentVoice forever!


Earlier this summer we released #FlipgridAR and WOW - you never cease to amaze us! Inspired by the spectacular ways you and your peers are immersing your world with creative videos, we have TWO ways you can win a #FlipgridVoicePod* this month:

Create a Shorts #FlipgridAR Introduction
1) Hop in to the new Shorts tab in your Educator Admin
2) Record an introductory video for your community (be sure to include some fun emoji and a photo sticker)
3) Click submit and grab the Flipgrid QR Code
4) Paste/tape/pin in your school environment
5) Tweet a picture with the hashtags #FlipgridFever and #FlipgridAR
🏆 WIN a #FlipgridVoicePod for your students (to win, make sure you're following @Flipgrid on Twitter - we will send you a Direct Message)

Fill your School with #FlipgridAR Introductions
1) Create a Grid for you and your fellow educators to post introductions
2) Share with your entire staff (educators, administrators, faculty) and have everyone record an introductory video.
3) Download and print the Flipgrid QR codes
4) Paste/tape/pin next to each staff members’ space in the school
5) Tweet a montage of photos showing the QR codes around your school and link to the introduction Grid with the hashtags #FlipgridAR and #FlipgridFever
🏆 WIN a box of 5 #FlipgridVoicePod studios for your school (to win, make sure you're following @Flipgrid on Twitter - we will send you a Direct Message)

For inspiration, check out these amazing examples…

Starting August 26th, join us for a week full of connecting with fellow educators, combining edtech tools, introducing your students to peers around the world, and sharing your stories, impacts, and ideas!

Idea exchange, #AndNotOr, and more!

We're joining our friends at Microsoft Edu for a Back To School Live on August 20, 2019! The day includes three marvelous ways to connect starting at 11 AM CT: a Facebook LIVE broadcast, a Twitter #MSFTEduChat, and a Teams LIVE session from Flipgrid Studios!

Join the party!


Simply log-in to explore… the all-new Flipgrid is LIVE! As always, this launch was driven and inspired by you and your fellow educators around the world - thank you for your helping create…

Thank you! We are so grateful we get to work with you and so inspired by the transformative ways you empower and amplify your scholars. Please continue sharing your amazing stories, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we’re always excited to chat!

*the #FlipgridVoicePod is the iconic green recording studio invented by Marilyn McLaughlin