Connect your Students with Professionals through the Flipgrid Explorer Series 🔍


The Flipgrid Explorer Series brings professionals in a variety of fields into your classroom for an engaging and fun experience! In addition to connecting your class with learners around the world, the Explorer Series will challenge your students to think differently about the world around them and inspire new opportunities and career possibilities!

Each Explorer Series spans two weeks and starts with an introductory Topic leading up to the Series to get students thinking about the subject. Upon commencement, there's daily and weekly content for your students:

  • Every day the Explorer shares new content in a Journal Topic
  • Each week there's a Discussion Topic for students to add their voices
  • Throughout the Series, students are encouraged to share questions with the Explorer in a Q&A Topic
  • The series then ends with a Reflection Topic for students to share their learning

Some teachers incorporate the material directly into their curriculum while others offer the Series as an additional opportunity beyond classroom content. True to our nature, we welcome you to adapt the Explorer Series however you'd like and you're welcome to have your students hop on the Grid whenever it's convenient for you (the beauty of asynchronous video).

If you haven't participated in a Flipgrid Explorer Series yet, check out Beth Mistretta's experience!