Andy Plemmons' Black History Month Project (Year 2)


Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa), our longtime Flipgrid friend from Barrow Media Center in Athens, Georgia, shared his students' Black History Month project again for 2015! We are inspired and honored by the amazing work of his students.

See Andy's students' Black History Month Project from 2014

Andy shared on the Barrow Media Center blog that "Our 2nd grade is once again developing a Black History research project.  We took some innovative steps last year to connect this project with an authentic audience around the globe.  This year, we are trying to add a few new layers.  One of the pieces that we weren’t happy with last year was the idea of a postage stamp.  Students were trying to persuade an audience to vote on whether or not a famous person from Black History should be on the next postage stamp.  While we loved the project, we knew that the postage stamp was out of our control and not realistic.  This year, we decided to create our own prize that we could award to one of the people from Black History, and we are calling it the Barrow Peace Prize.  As part of our project, we will learn about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Peace Prize.  That part of the project will come soon."

Ultimately, Andy's students will reflect on their projects using Flipgrid. Read Andy's full post here.

Thanks to Andy and his students for inspiring us by your wonderful work!

UPDATE: Andy and his students at Barrow Media Center have been hard at work creating this year's Black History research project. Over the course of two weeks, students recorded each 2nd grader recorded their persuasive informational piece.

Read Andy's full post detailing the Black History Month Project progress here.