5 Strategies for Using Flipgrid in the Language Learning Classroom

5 strategies for using Flipgrid in the language learning classroom

5 Strategies for Using Flipgrid in the Language Learning Classroom, by Michael Shehane, includes practical how-t0 tips to create a fun visual impact with your grid, as well as strategies for successful student engagement.

Michael Shehane (@metaprince) is a self-described post modern educator who teaches English to speakers of other languages in San Francisco, CA. In his LinkedIn post, 5 Strategies for Using Flipgrid in the Language Learning Classroom, Michael shares that in his, "15 years I have been a language teacher who believes that students learn a new language best when they concoct utterances that are meaningful to them. So I try my best to manage classroom discussions to give every student the opportunity to share his or her story."

We love how creative Michael has been in setting up his class grid, (check out his post for tips on how to do the same) and encourages his students to explore their creative side in their video responses, too! In his post, Michael shares his lessons learned about how to use Flipgrid so that students remain accountable for producing quality videos. Thank you for sharing your insights, Michael!

To read Michael Shehane's full LinkedIn article, click here.