Surprise! More Flipgrid Updates πŸŽ‰


Flipgrid just got a bit more powerful. 

After our launch celebration, we went right back to work to keep up with your awesome ideas. Today we are excited to announce the addition of six new improvements.

1) Reply-as-Educator

Classroom users can now reply to student Responses within the Teacher Admin! View a Response and click the Replies tab to see the shiny new button. Admin information (name and email) is auto-filled for your convenience, so after recording and snapping that selfie, all you need to do is hit β€œSubmit.” Your reply will now be visible on the Grid!

2) Topic Organization

Now you can set a β€œDisplay Date” for your Topics to better organize Topics on the Grid.

3) Stickers, everywhere!

Stickers and drawings are now available on imported videos.

4) More for Flipgrid One

Flipgrid One users can now add attachments to topics and pin a featured Topic.

5) Response Editing

Admins can now edit Response titles and links.

6) CodeZoom

Click the Grid code from the student view to display the code and QR code to your entire audience.

Want to follow the changes we make to Flipgrid? For new features and bug fixes, check out our ChangeLog.

See you on the grid!