Become a Flipgrid Community Builder 💪


The #FlipgridFever community is made up of educators who are relentlessly supportive of one another. We regularly see teachers meeting their PLN face-to-face, posting on each other’s publicly-shared topics, and helping each other get Flipgrid Certified

We were inspired. So, with the help of Ambassador Karly Moura, we’re creating the Flipgrid Community Builder badge. Here’s how any educator earn it:

  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet.
  2. Whenever you post a response on someone’s public Flipgrid, copy the URL into your spreadsheet. Feel free to count any past responses as well!
  3. Once you’ve posted 10 responses, share the spreadsheet URL with

In the future, we’ll be releasing additional tiers of the Community Builder badge based on higher numbers of responses. So be sure to keep documenting after you reach 10. You’ll become a Level 2 Community Builder at 50 responses! Once you've got 50 responses, send us another email letting us know you've gotten to this level.

Looking for ways to get started? Join the inspiring Ts at Vedchat, rock out with #SingaSong, or help a fellow educator get #FlipgridCertified. Any questions, hit us up:

Thank you for being a part of the Flipgrid community and thank you for supporting your fellow educators!