Flipgrid + Student Privacy

The following is a note from Flipgrid CEO Jim Leslie.

Student voice is amplified when teachers create a safe, encouraging environment for their classes. Every day, Flipgrid teachers tell us about the amazingly creative spaces they've developed for students to discover and share their voices with each other. 

Teachers have always been in control of their grids. They set how open or restricted grid access is as well as how content is managed. Flipgrid content is owned by the schools, teachers, and students who create it. We don't market to students, and we ensure that we and our partners use appropriate security measures to encourage student voice while protecting student privacy.

Today, we are pleased to announce that our efforts and policies have been recognized by the Student Privacy Pledge (www.studentprivacypledge.org). As a signatory, Flipgrid has both passed a policy review by the Future of Privacy Forum, as well as pledged to support student privacy in the future.

For more information on the specifics of our policies and principles, please visit https://legal.flipgrid.com/