Flipgrid Explorer Series: Raptors

Note: the Raptors Explorer Series has ended! Fear not though: we’re working on more opportunities for your students to connect with Flipgrid Explorers. Find out more over here!

This past October, hundreds of students from around the world joined Antarctic marine biologist Laura Goetz as she shared her life and research via a series of Flipgrid topics and posts. With over 600 video posts and 18,000 views, the first in our Explorer Series was so much fun that we decided to do another one! 

For our second Flipgrid Explorer series, we've partnered with Mike Billington and the University of Minnesota Raptor Center.

Over the two week period beginning May 1st, Mike will share unique facts about predator birds as well as engage your students in topics related to science and the environment. 

  • May 1: Topic One - What is a common bird in your community? Where is your favorite place to watch birds?

  • May 8: Topic Two - What is something you can do to help wildlife in your backyard, in your local community, or around the world?

We hope your students enjoy this educational and fun experience!

About Mike

Mike has been a full time educator and trainer at The Raptor Center for the past nine years. He has presented over 1,000 programs, trained nearly 50 different raptors, and has created cutting edge educational curriculum. If you would like to learn more about the birds you will watch Mike work with, click here. If you would like to learn more about raptors, click here. If you would like to learn more about The Raptor Center's Raptor Lab, an online learning environment engaging students in science by having them role play being a new veterinarian in training, click here or email Mike directly at raptorlab@umn.edu.