Flipgrid + Your Speaking Engagement


If you follow us on Twitter, you've undoubtedly seen a steady stream of teachers presenting Flipgrid to other teachers at a conference, professional development event, or EdCamp. We are extremely grateful! If you're planning on presenting Flipgrid to colleagues or with your professional learning network, please let us know. We want to support you!

As you're planning your presentation, start by downloading our presentation kit and media kit. Updated versions of these can always be found at the very bottom of Flipgrid.com.

Additionally, we can often provide a Flipgrid tshirt, stickers, and giveaway prizes. To share your speaking engagement with us, email Flipgrid Head of Engagement Joey Taralson: joey@flipgrid.com and be sure to include the following:

  1. The date of your event
  2. Event URL (if applicable)
  3. Approximate number of attendees
  4. A mailing address & tshirt size

Thank you to our entire Flipgrid community for supporting and amplifying student voice!