Global Connections and Other Fun Things

A few weeks ago we announced that we've grown 800% this spring compared to last year. Thank you to our amazing community of teachers who continue to share Flipgrid with colleagues and friends!

Over the past few weeks we've released several updates that you may have noticed. Read on to find out more.

Global Connections

Our core mission is to amplify and empower student voice. What better way than connecting with classes on opposite sides of the globe. To check out Global Connections, click the Connections tab from within your Flipgrid Admin to peruse shared grids or share your own. 

Custom Topic Videos

You know what will get your students talking - don't let us stand in the way! Now you can record a topic stimulus video, upload a video from your computer, or embed anything from YouTube. 

Grid Followers

Students can now follow a grid to receive a weekly or daily email notification when there is new grid activity, such as a new topic posted or new video response recorded.

Lastly, something to celebrate...

January was our biggest month ever, with over 45,000,000 seconds of student video recorded and shared. That's over 520 days of video in one month! Thank you to all our amazing teachers who empower student voice every second of every day. We promise to continue listening to you, supporting you, and releasing the features and updates you ask for on a regular basis. Stay tuned for more fun updates soon!