Flipgrid Announces Explosive 800% Year-Over-Year Growth in 2017

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Flipgrid, the video platform for empowering student voice in pre-K to Ph.D. classrooms, today announced 800 percent year-over-year (YoY) growth in new teacher accounts for January 2017, eclipsing the record 450 percent YoY growth the platform experienced in fall 2016. In addition, an estimated 150,000 new students joined Flipgrid in January from 136 countries around the world.

Teachers Fuel Unparalleled Expansion

Using Flipgrid One and Flipgrid Classroom, teachers amplify student voice by creating a digital community, or “grid,” in which they and their students record short videos to spark discussions, share perspectives and reflect on learning together. All students have an equal, shared voice on Flipgrid and teachers can provide individualized feedback on each student response.

“Struggling students are unlikely to do much with feedback if they aren’t invested. The best way to get them invested is to let them use technology to express themselves,” shared Michael Ziegler, Content Area Leader and English Language Arts teacher at Novi High School in Michigan. “Talking about writing is a stressful endeavor for most young writers–even the good ones. Using Flipgrid to turn that process into a student-driven, premeditated, predictable, finite process alleviates all sorts of stresses that otherwise tend to silence less experienced writers. It’s the most productive 90 seconds my kids have ever spent on their phones."

Classroom success stories like this are fueling the extraordinary growth of Flipgrid every day. Teachers learn about Flipgrid from each other, primarily on Twitter and in their professional learning networks. They see the impact student voice has on their classrooms and share their stories with each other.

“This has always been the Flipgrid story,” said Dr. Charlie Miller, cofounder of Flipgrid. “From day one our growth has been predominantly organic, the result of our amazing teachers encouraging each other to ignite social learning in their classrooms with Flipgrid. Teachers love platforms that are simple, engaging and impactful for their students.”

Students record and post their videos on Flipgrid using any browser, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Not surprisingly, the company’s mobile app downloads also reached a new threshold in 2017: the Flipgrid iOS and Android apps were downloaded more than 125,000 times since January 1.

“Our mission is empowering students to share their perspectives, experiences and positions in classroom discussions whenever and wherever they want,” said Jim Leslie, cofounder of Flipgrid. “We accomplish this mission every 19 seconds of every day when a student records a video and shares their voice on Flipgrid.”

Flipgrid One is free for all teachers and students. Flipgrid Classroom is available for $65 per teacher per year or $400 for packs of 10 teacher subscriptions. To learn more about Flipgrid, please visit http://www.flipgrid.com.

About Flipgrid

Flipgrid is the leading video platform for social learning in pre-K to Ph.D. classrooms around the world. To learn more, please visit http://www.flipgrid.com.