Student Flipgrid Feedback

Flipgrid offers students the opportunity to learn from each other and find new ways to solve problems.  We often hear this from educators all over the world who love using Flipgrid for STEAM assignments.  Jared Vance (@Principal_Vance), principal of Kickemuit Middle School in Rhode Island, recently shared this same impact from a student perspective.

One student says, "I like how on Flipgrid people can give you feedback on what you did wrong and people can help you with it.”  Another student gives a math example of, “...with Flipgrid you get see others’ answers and what they got and see how they did it.”

It is great to hear students loving the interactions with their classmates on Flipgrid! To learn more about Kickemuit Middle School and Jared Vance’s work with DLT, click here.