A Red Carpet Event at Barrow C. Elementary


This year’s Barrow Peace Prize Ceremony was an extra special occasion for the Flipgrid Team. Each February, under the guidance of Media Specialist Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa), students at Barrow C. Elementary complete a multi-faceted research proposal to nominate a person from history to earn the Barrow Peace Prize. As part of this process, the students developed a list of criteria for what character traits should be represented by the winner of the peace prize and submit their nominations to Flipgrid. The world is then invited to view and vote.

The Flipgrid team typically joins via Skype to announce the awards, but this year we wanted to make it special: a real red carpet event! We arranged with Andy to extend an invitation for parents to join us, their students, and a few “special guests” at the ceremony.

Andy Plemmons outlined the preparation and excitement surrounding the day of the ceremony in a blog post, describing how, “the teachers, students, and families entered the library with movie theme music playing and took time to strike a pose on the red carpet for pictures.” While the Flipgrid team announced the winners via Skype, each award was handed out by a couple “special guests.”

We echo Andy’s reflection of the ceremony, when he wrote, “The thing that I loved the most is how excited kids were for one another as they received an award. Each winning name brought on a round of cheers and applause almost to the point that we couldn’t hear the next name being read. I love that this project brings students from multiple classrooms together through the common goal of celebrating a person from history.”

Thank you Andy, Barrow Elementary teachers, students and parents for letting the Flipgrid team share in this awesome celebration of student voice!

Find out which "special guests" delivered the Barrow Peace Prize Awards in Andy's full blog post, here.