Preparing and Reflecting on Our Immigration Simulation Via Flipgrid

Media specialist at David C. Barrow Elementary, Andy Plemmons (@Plemmonsa) shares how Flipgrid was used for preparation and reflection as part of the 5th grade social studies standards about immigration and Ellis Island through research and simulation.

In his blog, Andy describes the teacher preparation involved and the students work to construct a letter of introduction for Ellis Island, placing themselves in the shoes of an immigrant.

This year of the simulation, Andy decided to have students use Flipgrid to practice delivering their letters. "In the past, we’ve found that some students were a bit nervous on the day of the simulation or took some time to get into their character. Our hope was that the Flipgrid would give students a chance to get comfortable with their character and practice speaking from that perspective before being thrown into the simulation. The Flipgrid also gave them a chance to listen to one another’s stories and research since they don’t have a lot of time to do that on the simulation day."

After the half day simulation, "We brought them back into this century and asked them to think about their experience. They didn’t have a script for this. We just wanted their initial reaction after completing the simulation. There are some interesting stories of how it felt to be questioned so much or be detained."

We are thrilled to learn of Andy's own reflection about using Flipgrid as he writes, "Each student had a chance to share his/her voice and many spoke up when they might not have spoken up in front of the whole class."

To read Andy's full blog post and view the Flipgrids, click here.