What's new at Flipgrid?

A lot! We're continuously making improvements to Flipgrid based on feedback we receive from our community of educators, Flipgrid Ambassadors, and students. Today we're excited to announce three major updates!

Move and Duplicate

One of the things we hear the most is that our teachers want to create a grid for their class, fill it with topics, and then duplicate that structure for other classes. It's now super easy to duplicate grids and topics as well as move responses. Log in to your Flipgrid Admin to move responses between topics, duplicate topics between grids, or make a full copy of a grid for another class!

Featured Topics and Responses

Many teachers have indicated that, from time to time, they'd like to promote a particularly impactful student video, allowing them to model a great performance or highlight an innovative idea. You can now feature one or more student responses, bringing those responses to the top. From within your Flipgrid admin, click the star next to the topic or response and it will be featured.


Watching and reviewing Flipgrid videos from your iPhone or Android device is easier than ever thanks to our new Glance view. Glance will automatically play videos as you scroll, allowing you to quickly and easily catch up on all your students' videos. Of course, you can always switch to Grid-view and choose which videos you'd like to watch.

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