Flipgrid Grid Tip: A Connected World

The following is part of a series of guest posts from Kali Alford, Instructional Technology Specialist at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. In each post Kali will present a unique way you can use Flipgrid both inside and outside of your classroom.

Not too long ago, if a teacher wanted his or her students to experience other cultures, they planned a field trip or popped a VHS in the VCR.  Luckily, technology has advanced such that with a click of a mouse students can not only experience other cultures, but communicate and collaborate with classrooms around the world. The Microsoft Educator Community has a series of lessons, projects, and activities that allow classrooms to integrate Skype with instruction in order to do this.

Another use of Skype is connecting students with experts such as scientists, engineers, professors, and authors from around the world.  Microsoft’s Educator Community provides various resources that connect classrooms with these global experts. With so many classrooms and so many time-zones, it can be difficult to schedule a time to Skype with experts whose schedules may not synch well with that of your classroom. Here’s where Flipgrid comes in.

Using Flipgrid, teachers can create a queue of questions from students across different classrooms for experts to answer during their Skype call. Simply have the expert share his or her desktop and split their screen between Skype and the Flipgrid video feed. This way classrooms viewing live and classrooms viewing via a recording both have the opportunity to see their questions being answered by the expert. Not to mention managing a Skype call between multiple classrooms now becomes a cinch!

If you’d like to see an example of this and other Grid Tips in action, stay tuned to the Flipgrid Blog for upcoming webinars or visit docs.flipgrid.com for standalone support documents.