Flipgrid Grid Tip: Professional Development

The following is the first in a series of guest posts from Kali Alford, Instructional Technology Specialist at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. In each post Kali will present a unique way you can use Flipgrid both inside and outside of your classroom.

Professional learning networks have long enabled teachers to share ideas and new strategies with colleagues. At the center of many of these networks are educational conferences such as ISTE, CUE, and various local ones as well. Conferences can be a great way for teachers to improve their practice and grow their professional learning networks. Adding Flipgrid to the formula can enhance teachers’ conference experiences and the impact of their PLNs.

Whether you are collaborating with a small group of teachers or an entire professional learning network, you can personalize your conference experience by “getting on the Grid.” Launch a grid for the conference you are attending and share the link on social media. Add topics such as “New Ideas” – where teachers can share new ideas or strategies they’ve just learned or maybe one like “Hot Topics” – where you and your teachers can have your own dialogue about the conference while attending it!

If you can't find the time to attend or if by chance you’re not the conference type, and would prefer to ditch the concrete itinerary and structure of traditional conferences – Flipgrid works perfectly for that too! Unconference aficionados rejoice and host your next unconference with Flipgrid. Launch a grid and post topics to serve as discussion rooms or cafés. Share the URLs and before you know it you’ve got an epic unconference on your hands. With the Flipgrid mobile app your participants can take part in the discussion from the comfort of their own home or classroom.  Since Flipgrid has no limits on the amount of topics you can post, your unconference is only limited by the size of your professional learning network – which I have a feeling will be growing larger soon!