Flipgrid + EdCamps: #SocialLearning


EdCamps are independently organized, participant-driven professional, social learning experiences. They take place all over the world and bring together educators looking for ways to innovate the learning experience. Flipgrid is proud to have supported hundreds of EdCamps and other teacher-organized events with donations that include swag, licenses, and a monetary gift.

If you are organizing or planning to attend an EdCamp or similar event, please let us know by emailing our team at events@flipgrid.com. We typically require 30-days notice to ensure we can get some swag out to you. If your event falls within this time frame, please let us know the name, date, website url, estimated attendance, and a mailing address. We're proud to support the wonderful teachers that put together and attend these events and would love to sponsor!

In addition to building a culture around amplifying #StudentVoice, many of our teachers have also used Flipgrid with their EdCamp by setting up a Grid for the event. It's great for introductions, idea sharing, and continuing the dialogue afterwards!