Review: A Jedi Uses Flipgrid to Demonstrate 18 Positive Discussion Habits

At a recent professional development seminar, Tracey Dann (@mamadann3) discovered her favorite session described a scope and sequence of rhetorical habits to improve the rigor of group discussion in a classroom.

In her blog, "The Hitchhikers Guide to Student Teaching," Tracey honestly states that, "explaining a skill in rhetoric is never as effective as modeling the skill directly for students." 

The solution to effective modeling was using Flipgrid to record a short video demonstrating each skill which can be watched by students in class. Tracey tells about how her search ended with Flipgrid, saying that, "for several months I have looked for a way to model the skills students need to add rigor to group discussion.  I wanted the subject of the model to be neutral, allowing the video to be used across Science, Social Studies and ELA curriculum.  I also wanted to include a very short audio visual element I can use to cue students in any classroom subject."

Tracey's blog continues on to describe her experience in creating this Flipgrid that demonstrates the 18 Positive Discussion Habits. We love how her creative approach to modeling this behavior has fun with the Flipgrid features of taking a video thumbnail, reordering the grid questions, and making use of the onscreen text area of each video to title each behavior.

Well done, Tracey. Thank you for sharing your Flipgrid!

To read Tracey's full blog post, click here.