Conference Time is Convenient with Flipgrid

Teachers are finding creative ways to conveniently connect with parents during conference time. 

A recent article describes challenges to the traditional conference format at upper-level schools. "While parents typically meet with one homeroom teacher in the elementary schools, junior high and high school students have multiple teachers, making it difficult to track them all down during conferences."

A group of educators from Ankeny school district in Iowa decided to meet over the summer to explore new formats that enable participation from parents. The school district met with Drake professor Trent Grundmeyer (@tgrundmeyer) who recently finished a study looking into virtual parent-teacher conference opportunities including email and video tools, like Flipgrid.

Grundmeyer shares, "If I go to conferences, I can only catch two or three teachers, but here on my own time, I can hear from six teachers in a row and if I hear they're not turning in assignments for all, that’s a theme."

Even though parents are able to keep track of grades online, Grundmeyer says, "there are still benefits to holding one-on-one conversations or communicating through the phone or video conferencing."

We agree! 

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