Rutgers Professor Joyce Valenza Is Giving Her Master’s Students The Tools They Need To Succeed

We recently traveled to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey to visit with our friend Joyce Valenza (@JoyceValenza) to learn how she is preparing future librarians to continue to be ahead of the curve and to make sure they have the right tools to succeed.  

Joyce has been an innovative librarian for almost 40 years and has extensive experience in technology integration for K-12 programs.  Joyce left K-12 almost 2 years ago to join Rutger University's School of Communication and Information Master of Information program, where she is now a director.

Preparing master’s students for the important role of K-12 Technology Librarians is something Joyce is very proud of.  She says that, “librarians have been the vanguards of using technology in authentic ways.  Not just for consuming, but for creating.  Also, the power of connecting our classrooms and libraries well beyond our walls.”  

Joyce notes that, "it takes more than one tool to accomplish any task […] You need a full tool kit […] We have a more powerful tool kit than ever before and we can use it to create and make a difference in our world."

By using Flipgrid with her students, Joyce has found the ability to create a more authentic experience, in both face-to-face and online classrooms.  “The authenticity of video and voice really helps build community and relationships.  Relationships are what it’s all about.  Learning happens best when there are relationships among faculty & students […] and with the low learning curve, the conversation became the focus not the technology."

Flipgrid is proud to be one of the tools that makes it easier for Joyce to have an impact as an educator.  Thank you, Joyce, for sitting down and chatting with us! 

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