Graduation Voices 2015 Award Winners Announced!

Two winners will receive an Apple® Watch for their video responses shared on the Graduation Voices 2015 grid.

Flipgrid opened the Graduation Voices 2015 grid as a place to celebrate a very special kind of student voice. On the #grad15 grid, High School and College students had 90 seconds to complete the sentence, "To me, graduation means..." We are honored to have received so many inspiring stories!

The Graduation Voices 2015 videos were viewed by a panel of judges, including Flipgrid friends Shannon Miller (@shannonmmiller), Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa), and Alec Couros (@courosa). After some serious deliberation, the judges had to choose a winner in each category who would receive an Apple® Watch prize.

Join us in congratulating our winners!

Watch Eliot's video here. Watch Jay's video here.

Hello, World!

Thank you to all the High School & College graduates who submitted videos to the #grad15 grid! Each video was special in its own way and we were inspired by the stories that were shared. We wish each student great success in the future and encourage you to keep sharing your voice! 

Judges' top choices for Graduation Voices 2015

High School

Watch Ami's video here.

Watch Anthony's video here

Watch Ben's video here. 

Watch Guillermo's video here. 

Watch Kyle's video here. 


Watch Abbie's video here. 

Watch Alyson's video here.

Watch Jamie's video here. 

Watch Liz's video here. 

To view all entries to the #grad15 grid, click here.