An Animal Adventure!

Seventh grade teacher Jodie Deinhammer (@jdeinhammer) is teaching her students about endangered animals, conservation, and ecology in an engaging and entertaining way.

In a lesson plan perfectly balanced with teamwork, competition, global discovery, and critical analysis, Jodie’s students will “take a virtual journey around the world, game style, visiting 5 locations, which they have to identify based on clues.

Jodie describes her efforts to, “get students from the locations we are "visiting" to provide clues about their location.  We are using FlipGrid as a place to leave video messages for each other, since the time difference is too difficult for asynchronous communication.”

The goal of the project is to, “raise awareness regarding these endangered and threatened species and showcase the conservation efforts that the Dallas Zoo has in place.” 

To read Jodie’s full blog post, click here.