Barrow MC Students present Flipgrid with Barrow Peace Prize

Students at Barrow Media Center (@barrowmc) surprise the Flipgrid team by presenting them with the student designed, 3D printed, Barrow Peace Prize.

For the second year in a row, our longtime friend, Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa), instructed Barrow MC second grade students during their Black History Month research project. Students researched key figures in Black History and used Flipgrid to record their reflections of the project. The students chose to present with the Barrow Peace Prize to an important figure in Black History based on a number of criteria. 

The Flipgrid team was fortunate to join a Skype call with Andy and the second graders during the their Black History Month project awards ceremony. During the ceremony, students were excited to award the Barrow Peace Prize - a 3D printed prize that was created from the design of a Barrow MC student. Click here to find out which figure in Black History was awarded the Barrow Peace Prize!

Andy and his students surprised the Flipgrid team with our very own Barrow Peace Prize as well! We are pleased and honored to be presented with this award! Thank you Barrow Media Center students!

To read more about the Barrow Media Center's Black History Month research project, click here.