#GridTip Party: Dancing Through the Disco Library

The following blog post is written by Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Jornea Erwin, Ann Kozma, and Jess Boyce. In the #GridTip Series, Jornea, Ann, and Jess will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Sign up for one of the Engage & Amplify: Flipgrid 101 Webinars!


Boogie on over to the Disco Library, a place where educators are sharing their best ideas and finding their next great Flipgrid discussion prompts.

What is the Disco Library?
With 5,000+ community-generated Topics, the Flipgrid Disco Library is the perfect spot to find inspiration from fellow educators! From exit tickets to book clubs to reflections to word problems and more, the Disco Library is full of ready to use discussion prompts that are sure to get your students talking!

Find Your Next Topic

When you head to the Disco Library you will notice a few things. Near the top, Featured Topics: these are hand-selected timely and especially wonderful discussion prompts, such as the Explorer Series! Below Featured Topics you’ll find filters, which allow you to search by Audience, Topic Subject, Topic Goals or any criteria you choose.

Disco Library 11:12:18.png

Once you have found a Topic you want to use with your students, click on the blue dropdown "Select a Grid" and choose which Grid you want to host the Topic. Then you can add/change/update any element of the Topic in order to personalize the content for your classroom.

Remember, you can edit every aspect of the Topic and customize settings such as Video Response Length, Video Moderation, Topic Attachments, Features and more! When you are ready to engage your learners, just flip the switch from Inactive to Active and you're ready to roll!

Aquarium Add Topic.png

Share with the Community

By contributing to the Disco Library, you’re helping your fellow educators learn unique ways to implement Flipgrid as they seek to transform learning and amplify student voice! And because you're sharing only the Topic template (and none of your student content), you're free to share to your heart's content.

  1. Login to your Educator Admin Dashboard to find the Grid and then the Topic you wish to share

    • Click the "Actions" dropdown menu and choose Add to Disco Library.

  2. Add Topic Discovery Details

    • Choose your Audience, Subject, and Goal

    • Add Integration Notes so that your fellow educators will understand how best to use the Topic you shared. Include details, tips, tricks and any information you think would be helpful for your colleagues to know. Additional supporting resources can be added as links for the educator to explore in conjunction with the Topic.

Aquarium Topic Discovery Details.png

Remix Topic Details, Resources and Attachments

  • Remix or update the Topic Description as needed. Remember to remove any personal information that pertains to your learning community.

  • Edit and update Topic Attachments if needed to support and extend the learning. Attachments could include links such as videos, articles, or graphic organizers.

Aquarium Topic Details, Resources, Attachments.png

We are always here to join the party as you create, remix, and share ideas within the Flipgrid Disco Library! Give us a shout anytime with any questions!

See you on the Grid!
Jornea, Ann, & Jess

Flipgrid Explorer Series


The Flipgrid Explorer Series is a fun mixture of a career day, digital field trip, show and tell, ask-an-expert, and #GridPals!

Meet the Explorers
We welcome scientists, engineers, creatives, and more to share their amazing work and challenge students on unique topics related to their field! Each Series is available on-demand and designed to be broad so that you can adapt the material to fit your lessons!

Launching a Series
It’s easy to create a unique Explorer Series experience for your class - just click the Disco Library links and add the Topics to your Grid! If you want to expand involvement and welcome other classes from your school, district, community, state, or even the world, connect with a fellow educator (or educators) via #GridPals and then share your Grid with CoPilots!


Code with Team Flipgrid, Released November 2018
Team Flipgrid is excited to show your students the design and development of Flipgrid and engage them in creating and coding their own projects. In addition to our behind-the-scenes videos at Flipgrid Studios, each Topic is equipped with a variety of resources and activities curated by the wonderful Karly Moura (thank you Karly!). Launch all six right into your classroom Grid or join the global #GridPals Grid by Priscilla Heredia by signing up over here: Code Explorer Series #GridPals Grid Registration


Aquarium with Sam, Released November 2018
Join Sam from the Aquarium of Niagara for a wave of fun and activities around conservation, adaptation, and aquatic recreation! Launch Sam right into your classroom Grid or join the global #GridPals Grid by Priscilla Heredia by signing up over here: Aquarium Explorer Series #GridPals Grid Registration


MatheMAGIC with Jen Saarinen and Sean Fahey, Released August 2018
Mathemagicians Jen and Sean have solved for x in the equation ∫ ƒ{(super)x(cali)+fragilistic^(expi)+(ali)/(docious)}dx and brought math to life! Spark your students’ curiosity and demystify math with the duo's six stellar Explorer Topics. Also check out their fantastic guide to help you prepare your student voice spell-casting skills for this Explorer Series!

Check back here throughout the year for on-demand Explorer Series Topics on a rolling basis!

💫Student Voice Rockstar: Andrew Fenstermaker 💫

Innovation breeds innovation and today’s rockstar constantly shares his creative ideas with the world. Andrew Fenstermaker, a Tech Coach and Adjunct Professor, from North Liberty, Iowa has been rocking out Flipgrid for almost 2 years! As a Flipgrid Certified Level 1 and 2 Educator, as well as Student Voice Ambassador, Andrew has inspired educators to think outside of the box when amplifying student passions. Andrew often presents at EdCamps and educational conferences and has even had students serve an active role in conference presentations! We had the pleasure of witnessing Andrew in action during the Student Voice Conference at FlipgridLIVE when he presented Amplify My Voice: Student Podcasting.

Andrew’s one word for Flipgrid is empowering and we think the same about him!


#WednesdayWisdom from Andrew

Global Read Alouds: We read The Wild Robot and shared our connections on Flipgrid. We had over 2,000 videos submitted and close to 30,000 views. Kids loved it!

🎙 Student Podcasts: We have a single podcasting Grid with each student having his/her own Topic as their podcast. Each video on the Topic is a new episode where students share about their passions.

🤝 Collaborative Learning Projects: We explored diversity among 5th grade classes across our school district using Flipgrid. Moreover, students reflect on learning using Flipgrid as they share their responses to probing questions about stories they have read, ELA skills they have explored and connections they have made.

💕 Spreading Kindness: Students used Flipgrid to create positive video messages that were turned into QR Codes and printed onto our PBIS tickets to remind everyone that they matter.

🎓 Transforming Learning in Higher Ed: We use Flipgrid as a platform to make the asynchronous course more authentic. Grad students share their reflections on their learning, and student feedback on implemented lessons. They also provide feedback to each other in the form of video replies and emoji reactions.

With Flipgrid, students have had the opportunity to gain new perspectives. By making their thinking visible and amplifying their voices, students have had the privilege to share and hear from others locally and globally. They feel empowered to own the learning process as they have the freedom to fully customize their videos through the words they share, and adding a little bling to their selfie.

Embrace the mess. Don't worry about making everything look professional. Throw a Topic together and let kids start recording. Don't worry about background noise, silly stickers, or drawings. You'll be amazed at what kids come up with when we provide them with an intuitive platform and get out of their way. Their creativity shines!

Learn from Andrew

💥 Student Podcast Grid
💥 Appsmashing to Create Student Podcast
💥 Ditch that Textbook Blog- “What students say about creating podcasts on WeVideo and Flipgrid”

Connect with Andrew
Twitter: @a_fenstermaker
Check out Andrew’s Rockstar Video:

November 2018 Newsletter 🍄

Welcome to the Flipgrid Newsletter! This page (blog.flipgrid.com/newsletter) is your source for all the latest Flipgrid updates and community opportunities. Bookmark this page, come back often, and let us know what you’d like to see featured!

For last month’s newsletter, check out our updates from October. Thanks for stopping by!


Last month the Flipgrid educator community grew by 80,000 thanks to you. Thank you for championing the importance of #StudentVoice and thank you for sharing all your epic Flipgrid ideas with your peers!

If you are among the 80,000 new educators that joined Flipgrid in October, welcome! You are now part of an incredible, inspiring, and supportive community, here to help as you empower and amplify your learners. If you haven’t already, meet some new friends by checking out #FlipgridFever on Twitter, find launch-ready discussion prompts in the Disco Library, and download Karly and Sean’s incredible Educator’s Guide to Flipgrid!

Keep reading to learn about Skype-A-Thon, Guest Mode, the Immersive Reader, seven community-driven updates to Flipgrid, and more!



Team Flipgrid is thrilled to join the 48-hour global event and meet with you and your students! Learn more about how you can leverage the dual power of Skype and Flipgrid and sign up to chat with us during Skype-a-Thon at the link below!

Ring ring! The details are calling over here 🌏


Families and friends and experts, oh my! Guest Mode allows you to introduce a community of inspiration to your students by inviting guests into your Flipgrid Topics. In addition to explaining how to get started, InterACTIVE educators Kristin and Joe Merrill have crafted ideas on how you can expand learning beyond the walls of your classroom with Family Homework, School-Wide Challenges, and more.

Welcome to Flipgrid, Guest Mode 🎟


Every update we make to Flipgrid is sparked from ideas shared by the amazing and innovative educators in the #FlipgridFever community. Check out the seven latest Flipgrid updates you inspired!

You asked, we listened 👂


The innovative and inspiring Gen-Z whisperer, Holly Clark, is spilling the beans and sharing her wealth of wisdom on how we can understand and meet the learning needs of our students! Join us for this energizing Flipgrid Feature followed by Scott, Kristin, and Joe’s world-renowned #FlipgridFever Chat.

Ooou, aaah! Claim your ticket for this cinematic masterclass 🍿


In addition to giving every student an equally amplified voice, Flipgrid now provides equitable access to your amazing discussion prompts with Microsoft Learning Tools’ powerful Immersive Reader. You may have noticed the small book and speaker icon in your Topics; students can simply click to explore the text, have the prompt read aloud, and more!

#BetterTogether! Learn more about Immersive Reader in Flipgrid 💚

Mic Drops 🎤⬇️

We love seeing the amazing ways you’re empowering #StudentVoice. Here are a few ideas that went viral in the #FlipgridFever community last month!

Until next month...

Thank you again! We are so grateful to support you and we are so inspired by the innovative ways you empower and amplify your learners. Please continue sharing your amazing ideas, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we love to hear from you!

💚 Team Flipgrid in Minneapolis, Minnesota

You Asked, We Listened 👂

Every update we make to Flipgrid is sparked from ideas shared by the amazing and innovative educators in the #FlipgridFever community. We built…

🎟 Guest Mode because you wanted an easy way to bring families into Flipgrid.

🕺 Disco Library because you wanted to share and explore amazing Flipgrid Topics.

✈️ CoPilots because you wanted to collaborate with peers, connect with #GridPals, and co-manage your Grids and Topics.

We are always listening. We recently announced SEVEN updates based on your amazing ideas and feedback!

GoogleClassroom (1).jpg

1. Share to Google Classroom

Back by popular demand, now it is easier than ever to share your Flipgrid Topic to Google Classroom!


2. Family Share QR Codes

QR Codes are the perfect way to share #StudentVoice off the Grid! Print a video’s unique QR code from your Educator Dashboard and attach to a paper, project, or campus display! In addition to enjoying your students’ work, your audience can scan the QR code to see and hear the voice behind the masterpiece.


3. Skype Join Link in Flipgrid Profile

You wanted an easy way to connect with #GridPals. Now it's as simple as sending them a message on Skype!


4. Faster Flipgrid

No two classrooms are alike, which means that no two classrooms use Flipgrid in the exact same way! Whether your students use Chromebooks, PCs, iPads, or personal devices, we've made everything in Flipgrid (videos, Topic images, GIFs, etc) load twice as fast!


5. My Discovery Library

Find a new GridPal? Now you can see all the Discovery Library Topics they have created!


6. 45 second video length

There are thousands of educators that use Flipgrid to empower and engage their English Language Learners. Several of you asked us to add a 45 second video length, as it would help your students practice for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). You got it!


7. Edit Display Name

Incorrect or undesired display name attached to your Flipgrid response? Now you can update it!


Thank you for all your ideas, your feedback, and your inspiration! We are so grateful for the #FlipgridFever community and we will always work to make Flipgrid better!

Go Global with Skype in the Classroom + Flipgrid 🌏

SkypeWithFlipgrid (1).jpg

Skype-a-Thon is right around the corner, and Team Flipgrid couldn’t be more excited! As you know, we 💚LOVE 💚 spending time with you and your students. So this year, we’re celebrating by connecting with classrooms around the world for 48 straight hours! If you want to join the global party and connect with Team Flipgrid, register here to scoop up a time slot!

Keep reading to learn more about Skype-a-Thon and the amazing ways you can appsmash Flipgrid and Skype in the Classroom!

Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom is a free community that offers live educational experiences for students, including virtual field trips, talks from guest speakers, and classroom-to-classroom connections. These activities range from visiting museums around the world to learning about conservation activities to connecting with authors and storytellers. In addition to facilitating on-demand connections, each month Skype in the Classroom hosts global experiences. Explore them all on their event calendar!

Skype-a-Thon is coming!

The biggest Skype in the Classroom event is Skype-a-Thon, a two day global learning event that makes it possible for students to travel the world virtually and connect beyond the classroom. This year the mission of Skype-a-Thon is to open hearts and minds by connecting through topics that matter.

On Nov 13-14, your students can travel the world for 48 hours of global learning. For every 400 virtual miles traveled, Microsoft and @WEMovement will provide school resources for a child in need.

An activity plan has been created to help you plan your Skype-a-Thon experience. Check out the teacher toolkit which includes digital passports, stickers, posters, and more!

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 11.37.36 AM.png

Flipgrid + Skype in the Classroom

Flipgrid is the perfect place to engage and immerse students in collaborative learning experiences before and after your live Skype event. If you’re connecting with an expert or participating in a virtual field trip, create a Grid and ask students to post questions and wonderings for your guest ahead of time. After your Skype call, create a Flipgrid Topic for students to reflect on the experience.

If you’re participating in Skype-a-Thon or using Skype to connect with another classroom on your own schedule, Flipgrid is a great way to seed relationships and continue the conversation! You can even add your Skype username to your Flipgrid profile, making the combo of Flipgrid #GridPals and Skype in the Classroom easier than ever! Here are a few Disco Library Topics, created by our Educator Innovation Leads, that you can use before Skype-a-Thon or any Skype connection:

1️⃣💬When I Grow Up!
2️⃣🤲Helping Others
3️⃣🏡Our Home

We cannot wait to connect with your students during Skype-a-Thon, and we hope you have a blast as you travel around the world connecting with other classrooms and experts, earning digital miles to support quality education for children everywhere!