Welcome to Flipgrid, Guest Mode 🎟

Over the past couple of months, it’s become clear: you’re ready to take social learning to the next level by inviting families and guests into your Flipgrid discussions. We hear you and we love it!

So with Kristin and Joe Merrill wowing the #FlipgridFever community with their innovate ideas for making your classroom interACTIVE, it’s only fitting that we invite them to introduce you to the latest Flipgrid update. Introducing…Guest Mode.


Being both parents and educators, there are a lot of reasons why we love Flipgrid. There is something powerful about giving students a place to speak and a platform to share their thoughts and ideas. In addition to giving students a voice, Flipgrid has worked hard to develop a platform that is private and secure.

This past summer, the team released the Grid Launchpad, empowering all of us to tailor our Grid security settings to our unique learning communities. As parents, these new changes left us feeling assured, knowing our children would be safe sharing their voices online. As educators, we occasionally found ourselves feeling a bit frustrated. Welcoming families into our class Grid was suddenly much more challenging.

That changes today. Without further ado, let us introduce you to our favorite new Flipgrid feature…

Guest Mode!

Now educators can involve families, community members, experts, and more by granting them special permission to specific Topics, without providing access to the other Topics in your Grid. From within your Educator Admin, simply activate Topic Guest Mode on any of your Topic settings!

Guests are granted access through a unique Guest Code. You decide whether guests have view-only or view & respond access. You can share the Guest Code with whoever you’d like and you can revoke access at any time by simply regenerating the Guest Code. If you don’t want to send out a code, have no fear, QR codes are here! Simply print and post for your guests to scan. When guests click to record in the Topic, they’ll be prompted to enter their First and Last Name (and, if you want, their email address) prior to recording. Then they’ll be launched into the same recorder your students know and love! For more info and screenshots, check out our friends Karly Moura and Sean Fahey’s Educator’s Guide to Flipgrid!

Ways to Use Guest Mode in the Classroom

Now that we have this awesome new feature, how can we as educators create impactful ways to engage our parents, school, and community? Check out some interACTIVE ways to involve families and guests in the learning that is taking place in your classroom each day.

Scott Titmas, an innovative educator from New Jersey, took a time out from his Orlando vacation to explore all the magical ways he’ll use Guest Mode!

Scott Titmas, an innovative educator from New Jersey, took a time out from his Orlando vacation to explore all the magical ways he’ll use Guest Mode!

  1. Speak to an Expert

    Remember the old career days where adults in different professions would come and talk about the various aspects of their job? With Guest Mode you can bring them in using Flipgrid! Maybe you create a Topic about various professions where parents and community members jump in to share their expertise. Or you could create your own mini Explorer Series and have a professional join your class to share their experiences and answer your students’ questions.

  2. Family Homework

    Take a Topic you have already spent time learning and exploring in class and assign a task related to it to your students’ parents and families! Send the Guest Mode QR code home with the assignment directions and have your students teach the skill to their parents. Then, have them record on the Topic showing what they know!

    Try Guest mode now and view one of the Parent HW topics from Kristin: flipgrid.com/ac23b924

  3. Schoolwide Challenges

    Not only is Flipgrid great for promoting student voice in the classroom, it is also a powerful tool to help facilitate meaningful and impactful sharing at a school-wide level. One great way to use the new Guest Mode feature is through a school-wide challenge or prompt. Conference nights or school-wide STEAM events are a great time to introduce parents to Flipgrid and have them interact with one another. You could also have students record in the media center and summarize books they’ve just read and share why they would recommend them! You could also set up a school-wide Topic dedicated to teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week and share out things about their teachers that they love and cherish. Or even take reading one step further with a nightly read aloud topic where students, parents, teachers, and administrators share their favorite nighttime read aloud with the school.

    Check out this Topic from the Disco Library dedicated to just this!

  4. #GridPals

    Connecting with classrooms across the world is another amazing opportunity you have through Flipgrid and Guest Mode would be a great way to add more interaction and participation into those specific Topics without sharing an entire Grid.

  5. Thank a Veteran

    There is a lot of learning that revolves around holidays such as Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day to name a few. One important holiday coming next month is Veteran’s Day! Guest Mode is a great way to share out a “thank you” to a veteran. Simply have your class, grade level, or school share out simple and sweet thank you messages and then, using the QR code feature, share that code out on a school website, through a newsletter, or at an assembly program.

    Get this Topic started today by launching this template from the Disco Library!

Flipgrid has always championed student voice and today took it one step further by promoting the importance of family voice. Through Guest Mode, parents and community members are now invited into our students’ learning! We are excited to see how educators use this new Guest Mode feature to create interACTIVE lessons that break the barriers of the four classroom walls and extend out into our community and world.

Always remember, we are #BetterTogether!

Joe and Kristin Merrill, a.k.a “The Merrills