Flipgrid Explorer Series


The Flipgrid Explorer Series is a fun mixture of a career day, digital field trip, show and tell, ask-an-expert, and #GridPals!

Meet the Explorers
We welcome scientists, engineers, creatives, and more to share their amazing work and challenge students on unique topics related to their field! Each Series is available on-demand and designed to be broad so that you can adapt the material to fit your lessons!

Launching a Series
It’s easy to create a unique Explorer Series experience for your class - just click the Disco Library links and add the Topics to your Grid! If you want to expand involvement and welcome other classes from your school, district, community, state, or even the world, connect with a fellow educator (or educators) via #GridPals and then share your Grid with CoPilots!


Robots, Released January 2019
Beep beep boop bop! Explore the importance of problem-solving and storytelling with robots. Leah LaCrosse and Rich Perry guide your students through the engineering and emotional aspects of robotics through four amazing, launch-ready discussion Topics! Launch all four right into your classroom Grid or join the global #GridPals Grid (launching April 2019) by Priscilla Heredia by signing up over here: Robots Explorer Series #GridPals Grid Registration


Fish School, March 4 - 15, 2019
In this special edition of the Flipgrid Explorer Series, Laura G Explorer will be joining your students on the Grid! Launching soon, Laura is excited to share her graduate research firsthand while encouraging your students to dive into projects of their own. Sign up to get your students access to this aquaventure where they’ll learn all about (and what is a) oncorhynchus mykiss, have the opportunity to speak directly with Laura, and share their findings with their peers around the world!

To join the global #GridPals Grid organized by Priscilla Heredia, sign up here!


Code with Team Flipgrid, Released November 2018
Team Flipgrid is excited to show your students the design and development of Flipgrid and engage them in creating and coding their own projects. In addition to our behind-the-scenes videos at Flipgrid Studios, each Topic is equipped with a variety of resources and activities curated by the wonderful Karly Moura (thank you Karly!). Launch all six right into your classroom Grid or join the global #GridPals Grid by Priscilla Heredia by signing up over here: Code Explorer Series #GridPals Grid Registration


Aquarium with Sam, Released November 2018
Join Sam from the Aquarium of Niagara for a wave of fun and activities around conservation, adaptation, and aquatic recreation! Launch Sam right into your classroom Grid or join the global #GridPals Grid by Priscilla Heredia by signing up over here: Aquarium Explorer Series #GridPals Grid Registration


MatheMAGIC with Jen Saarinen and Sean Fahey, Released August 2018
Mathemagicians Jen and Sean have solved for x in the equation ∫ ƒ{(super)x(cali)+fragilistic^(expi)+(ali)/(docious)}dx and brought math to life! Spark your students’ curiosity and demystify math with the duo's six stellar Explorer Topics. Also check out their fantastic guide to help you prepare your student voice spell-casting skills for this Explorer Series!

Check back here throughout the year for on-demand Explorer Series Topics on a rolling basis!