#GridTip: A Dynamic Duo, Flipgrid & Book Creator 📚

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Ann Kozma. In the #GridTip series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid.


When you were a student, did you ever want to write a book? Perhaps you actually were given the task to create a book on a given topic and share it with your class. In some capacity, assignments like this are still given to students in classrooms around the world. The idea may be the same, but the tools available have drastically changed!

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As we celebrate Appsmash Innovation Month, let’s start by considering how Book Creator and Flipgrid can be used together to share, celebrate, and showcase student learning in the classroom and beyond! Book Creator is a powerful tool that allows students to become creators of content and authors of their own books. Using Flipgrid as a platform to share their creations provides an incredible extension of the learning, helps students share the “why” behind their work, and serves as a place to celebrate their finished product. Creating content in one app and enhancing it in another app is what appsmashing is all about. Book Creator and Flipgrid work very well together and are perfect companions if you are just beginning your appsmash adventures!

So, how do these two apps work together? Let’s first consider some of the tools available within Book Creator. Students can add media to their pages within their Book Creator project by uploading photos, launching the camera, drawing or annotating with a pen tool, adding text boxes and even recording audio. They can also add shapes, upload files, add Google Maps and even embed the web. These options provide endless possibilities for students as they create and share original content related to their learning goals.

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One of my favorite examples of student created books comes from Ruth Gaer’s class. Mrs. Gaer had her students write stories then illustrate, record, and publish their books in her foreign language class. These books represented the Spanish language acquisition and oral speaking skills the students were developing and was also a celebration of their creativity and unique voice.

But what happens when our students are done creating? How can they share a finished product? There are various share options for a Book Creator project; one that is used often is the Export as Video option. If students record audio within the pages of their Book Creator project, when they share their books, each book will play like a video and automatically advance with each page of the book. Importing a finished product into Flipgrid allows for students to share their content with peers and showcase their work beyond their device.

To share Book Creator projects in Flipgrid, students will choose to import a video rather than recording a video. The process for accessing the Grid is the same, but instead of clicking on the red record button, students will select Options and then select Import Video. They then select their Book Creator video from their camera roll and import their video into Flipgrid. Imagine the possibilities for a Grid full of student created books!

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The Import Video option in Flipgrid provides a whole new way for students to showcase their learning. Allowing students the opportunity to create in one app, save a video to their camera roll/Chromebook, and import the video into Flipgrid means that new possibilities exist for sharing and celebrating learning. Beyond that, there is endless potential for the discussions and collaborations that can take place on Flipgrid as students share the books they author, discuss their learning and ideas in the books they create or revisit their books that teach a skill or concept.

Appsmashing does not have to be complicated at all. What gets started in one app and shared to another is the magic of appsmashing. As students create, they will come to see how they can mix and match their favorite parts of different apps to create something completely different.

If you’ve never tried to appsmash, or never uploaded a video into Flipgrid, give it a try! Creating books, recording audio, and capturing student voice is truly a special way to showcase a student’s learning. Sharing the learning in a classroom, school, or even global community is empowering and is one way that we can provide authentic audiences for our students to share their voice with others.

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Advice from Appsmash King Joe:

Throughout October, Flipgrid is featuring Joe Merrill, a visionary First Grade teacher from Florida and the King of Appsmashing, and learning a bit more about his approach to appsmashing. Here is some practical advice from Joe on how to get started with appsmashing.


🎨➡️💭 “Provide opportunities for students to create, but still maintain higher levels of thinking.”

💡➡️🤩 “Know that students take on a new kind of ownership of their learning when appsmashing. It's a total game changer. Now, they’re making memories, not just listening as you teach lessons.”

🤷‍♂️➡️🕺 “Before you can expect your students to appsmash, you have to familiarize yourself with the tools also. Once you are familiar, make sure your students are able to maneuver through the apps.”

👩‍🎓➡️👩‍🏫 “App smashing is for everyone, not just students! Some of the best ideas will come to life simply because the teacher put their own creativity into developing a lesson. It's not hard to do, and your students will love your for it.”

🏠➡️💚 “I recommend using Flipgrid to as a place for your students share and present their work. Think of it as a place to "house" videos.”

Here’s to all of the appsmash adventures ahead!

Have fun exploring the possibilities with Book Creator and Flipgrid! Let us know how it goes on Twitter and give me a shout any time!