The following post was written by Kayla Engle, your Flipgrid Summer Experience Protege!

FlipgridAR is LIVE: transform family nights, homework, school events, book reviews, Science Fairs, student art galleries, language classrooms, the entire school, ANYWHERE by “sticking” student voice everywhere with FlipgridAR codes.

What is FlipgridAR?

AR stands for augmented reality, and thus the ability to “place” virtual elements in the physical world. In particular with FlipgridAR, you can “stick” ANY Flipgrid video in the world with just a FlipgridAR code and the Flipgrid app. A FlipgridAR code is the magical version of a QR code.

Why FlipgridAR?

Imagine this: families visiting your school wander the hallways filled with your students’ incredible projects. The work is inspiring to say the least and your visitors ponder: what are the stories, processes, and decisions behind each masterpiece? Simply by adding a FlipgridAR code - your guests can hear the answers to those questions and more directly from the brilliant scholars themselves. All your community needs to do is launch the Flipgrid app and tap the QR scanner!

This is simply one example. The possibilities are endless (check out this Wakelet collection!) and we’re so excited to see how you leverage this new addition to the Flipgrid experience!

How do you create FlipgridAR videos?

All you need to do to create a FlipgridAR experience is download the FlipgridAR QR code from ANY Flipgrid video and place in your learning environment. To do so:

  1. Log in to your Educator Admin.

  2. Navigate to the Topic with the video(s) you want to stick in your learning environment.

  3. Download all the video FlipgridAR codes with the “Print Response QR Codes” button or download the FlipgridAR codes to specific videos by clicking the “Share” button.

  4. To view in AR, simply scan the magic FlipgridAR code with the Flipgrid iOS/Android app (Note: some devices do not support FlipgridAR).

Check out this overview from Brian Romero Smith:


Educator Innovation Week


Join the global innovative, collaborative, education celebration around #StudentVoice this Educator Innovation Week, July 29 - August 2! Hosted by Ann, Jess, and Jornea - your Educator Innovation Leads - each day we’ll have different ways to connect and share with your fellow Flipgrid Educators, learn about some of our favorite Flipgrid tips and tricks, and win Flipgrid swag!

Check out the festivities for each day below and follow us on Instagram (@Flipgrid) to stream inspiring, impact-driven, 5-minute presentations from the community highlighting epic ideas that you can implement immediately!

July 29, 2019 | #FlipgridFever Slow Chat and IGTV Shorts
Make sure you’re following Kristin Merrill, Joe Merrill, and Scott Titmas and join us all for a #FlipgridFever Twitter Slow Chat - all day long! In classic Flipgrid fashion, after a series of inspiring questions, the chat will end with one giant GIF party.

While sharing and discovering inspiring stories, impacts, and ideas on Twitter, head over to our Instagram (@flipgrid) and check out the collection of Shorts presentations from incredible educators on our IGTV!

July 30, 2019 | Quote of the Day
Create your own "Quote of the Day" and share what #StudentVoice means to you! Make a graphic, tweet it out with the hashtags #StudentVoice and #FlipgridFever, and tag the educators who inspire you!

July 31, 2019 | #BetterTogether Makes Learning Magical
When learning is social, magic happens! Join us on Instagram (@flipgrid) all day long for LIVE broadcast with some of our fellow edtech friends!

August 1, 2019 | FlipgridLAUNCH Celebration (12:30 PM CT)
On August 1st, we’re releasing the all-new Flipgrid! Join Team Flipgrid during our “launch lunch” as we celebrate the magical updates driven, informed, and inspired by YOU and your fellow Flipgrid educators around the world! The party takes place starting at 12:30 PM CT on Facebook Live!

August 2, 2019 | #FlipgridFriday Did You Know…
“If you can think, it you can Flipgrid it!” Plan to share your ah-has and new ideas for how you plan to take #StudentVoice to the next level!

July 2019 Shorts Report 💡

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July 2019 Shorts Report

Whether you’re preparing for tomorrow or next semester, we are here for you! The team and I (Adam here!) loved connecting with many of you at #ISTE19 and #FlipgridLIVE this past month. This month, the innovation and collaboration continues: join us for a collection of opportunities to connect, share, showcase, and celebrate #StudentVoice!



FlipgridAR is LIVE NOW! Simply update your Flipgrid app: all existing Flipgrid QR Codes have been autoMAGICally upgraded to Flipgrid AR codes. Check out the debut, an example, and how to bring your community’s videos to life!

Jornea, Jess, and Ann - your Educator Innovation Leads - are organizing a packed week of opportunities for sharing and discovering brilliant ways to engage, empower, and amplify your scholars with wisdom from your fellow Flipgrid educators. Join the festivities from July 29th - August 02!

Ready right now? Flipgrid 101 is the new go-to place for getting started with Flipgrid: how to go from creating your account to collecting videos from your students!

Join a live Flipgrid PD session to learn about the basics of Flipgrid along with our latest opportunities. Starting July 9th, we’re hosting weekly live sessions on Teams!

Win a #FlipgridVoicePod for your community by becoming a Flipgrid Certified Expert (Level 2) before August 1st!

Student-lead lessons, back-to-school prompts, and a twist on a once-analog activity: here are just a few of the outstanding ideas from your #FlipgridFever community this past month!

At FlipgridLIVE, we announced all the new features coming August 1st! For a sneak peak at what our developers finalizing for the big release, check out the summary!

Thank you! We are so grateful we get to work with you and so inspired by the transformative ways you empower and amplify your scholars. Please continue sharing your amazing stories, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we’re always excited to chat!

FlipgridLIVE 2019 💚


Thank you! Wow! We had an incredible time celebrating with all of you and sharing the new updates to Flipgrid. Thank you to everyone who joined us in Philadelphia and online via the live broadcast for truly a magical evening centered around community, inclusion, impacts, empowerment, and #StudentVoice.

Our developers are hard at work preparing to release everything we announced on August 1st. Check out the summary below!

Re-experience FlipgridLIVE including all the announcements, inspiring mic-drop Shorts from eight incredible educators, Flipgrid Amplify, Empower, and Inspire awards, and more via the recording, Wakelet collection, and Facebook Album!

Unlock a new world of possibilities with FlipgridAR: LIVE NOW!


🌈 The one exception to our August 1st release is FlipgridAR! Simply update your Flipgrid app: all existing QR Codes have autoMAGICally been upgraded to Flipgrid AR codes.

🌈 Easily create and print new FlipgridAR stickers for any response to place Flipgrid videos in augmented reality on everything.

🌈 Transform homework, family nights and school events by “sticking” student voice everywhere with FlipgridAR stickers.

Enhanced storytelling capabilities with the new Shorts Camera!


🔮 Stitch together and rearrange unlimited segments into one simple video.

🔮 Pause and flip the camera, add live inking over videos, select from thousands of text and emoji stickers, and apply unique video styles to add creative flare to videos.

🔮 Turn on whiteboard mode in videos to add context to stories.

🔮 Easily record and embed Shorts videos in platforms including Teams, OneNote, Remind and Wakelet with even more partners coming soon.

Redesigned with a focus on inclusion, accessibility and performance.


🚀 Now, every Flipgrid response video is automatically transcribed by Microsoft Azure and delivered through an updated closed-captioning experience.

🚀 The updated Flipgrid video player leverages Microsoft’s Immersive Reader to make full transcripts available in all response videos.

Ignite engagement with Topics from Code.org, HackingSTEM, Find Your Grind, Wonderopolis and more.


🎉 Find launch-ready discussion prompts (“Topics”) inside your Flipgrid Educator Admin in the Disco Library.

🎉 Search thousands of educator-created Topics by audience, subject and goal.

🎉 Explore enriching, activity-packed Topics from Code.org, Microsoft Education and NASA, Find Your Grind, and Wonderoplis with additional partner content in the works.

#BetterTogether: WeVideo + Flipgrid

The following post is a collaboration by Jennifer Eggert (Instructional Technology Coach), Nathan Lang-Raad (WeVideo Chief Education Officer), and Ann Kozma (Flipgrid Educator Innovation Lead).

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 3.06.21 PM.png

Regardless of the grade and content you teach, one goal we all share as teachers is empowering students to articulate their learning. Bringing together the engaging creation powers of WeVideo and social learning nature of Flipgrid enables you to provide your students opportunity to plan, produce, and direct a plot of creative inquiry…

I (Ann Kozma, Educator Innovation Lead) had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer Eggert, an Instructional Technology Coach at DuJardin Elementary School in Bloomingdale, Illinois, and Nathan Lang-Raad (WeVideo’s Chief Education Officer) to highlight some specific ideas for math as well as general ideas for any and every subject!

📐📊➗🔢 Mathematical Thinking

Place Value.png

For elementary maths, Jennifer Eggert focuses on:

💭 Getting students to share their thoughts verbally AND show their work visually.

💭 Giving opportunities to share meaningful AND authentic feedback using mathematical language.

Combing the Math Learning Center apps, WeVideo webcam recorder, and imported feature of Flipgrid, Jennifer had her students #appsmash and share their learning around place value.

Specifically, students (1) screencast and produced a video with WeVideo discussing place value. Once complete, students (2) went to Flipgrid and clicked that iconic green plus. On the recorder screen, the students (3) clicked the “Upload Video” button and shared their masterpiece. With all their creations in one Topic, the students were instructed to (4) watch their peers’ videos and provide feedback.

When using the Student to Student Replies feature in Flipgrid, Jennifer recommends giving students a prompt to help drive meaningful conversation among peers. For example, check out her “Say Something Nice, Give Some Advice” chart.

Say Something Nice, Give Some Advice via @.png

🌊 🔗💡💚 More Ideas + Resources

The possibilities are endless when creating videos to share and showcase learning. WeVideo and Flipgrid are a dynamic duo that empower our students to go beyond sharing answers with a shoulder partner and open up endless pathways for our students to share, celebrate, and showcase their incredible learning journeys…

💥 Check out this Wakelet collection of epic ideas for using Flipgrid + WeVideo.

💥 Take a deeper dive with Jennifer’s awesome ideas for math screencasting.

💥 Download this Peer Feedback Chart by @lantonha.

💥 Explore WeVideo and view the awesome tips + tricks in The Educator’s Guide to WeVideo

💥 Connect with these awesome educators who are rocking WeVideo + Flipgrid: @mrsnelsond13, @LucyConley20, @AnnaDispensa, and @ms_beckwith.

June 2019 Newsletter 🌞

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A Shorts Report: Hi everyone, Adam here! We’re trying something new for this edition of your Flipgrid Newsletter - just like this note, I’m going to keep things short! Read on for a quick *flash* overview of the latest exciting updates and opportunities! If something sparks your interest, click the link for more info!



On June 24th, we're celebrating YOU and your fellow innovative, inspiring, global community of educators AND announcing our biggest update yet at… FlipgridLIVE 🎉

If you'll be in Philadelphia, join us in person (we are approaching capacity: if you haven’t already, RSVP NOW!).

We'll be broadcasting the show as well - reach out to John Bimmerle to organize a watch party with your educator community.

As we gear up for FlipgridLIVE, our team released a few updates!

Download all QR Codes
With a single click, you can download all the video QR codes in a Topic! I won't comment on if/how this is related to what's in store for June 24th… 😎

Import Video without a Camera/Microphone
You can now import a video on the browser when your device’s camera/microphone are not working - thank you Kristin, Joe, and Classroom 39 for the idea!

Learn the foundations of Flipgrid by becoming Flipgrid Certified Level 1, share your incredible ideas and win a #FlipgridVoicePod (THEY'RE BACK!) by becoming Flipgrid Certified Level 2!

Jornea, Jess, and Ann are continually curating, creating, and remixing resources on the Educator Innovation Station (including age- and subject-specific Integration Docs) and beyond! Check out their latest posts…

Ann sparked a conversation around preparing your students to celebrate the selfie step while also practicing professionalism!

Turn "see you next year" into "see you on the Grid" with these ideas from Jess and friends!

Capture the shenanigans at your next field day with this #Fliphunt idea from Jornea!


We're excited to welcome Kayla - our Flipgrid Summer Experience protégé. In addition to helping check over everyone's work, she'll be taking the baton from Josh, who graduated from the University of Minnesota this past month - congratulations 🎓 Josh!

If you're sharing Flipgrid at an upcoming conference or event, let us know - we'd love to send over some swag! Simply email Kayla at events@flipgrid.com (please try to give us a month’s notice) and check out our presentation library!

On behalf of the Flipgrid Team, thank you! We are so grateful we get to work with you and so inspired by the transformative ways you empower and amplify your scholars. Please continue sharing your amazing stories, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we’re always excited to chat!

💚 Adam

P.S. Welcome new Student Voice Ambassadors and THANK YOU Shannon, Andrew, Pear Deck, Malinda, Michael, Matt, Andy, Melisa, Leah, Michael, Kerry, Jen, Colleen, and your incredible students, fellow educators, and supportive communities - Jess, Ann, George, and I LOVED visiting you all on the Heartland #FlipgridBusTour!