#GridTip: A Dynamic Duo, Flipgrid & Book Creator 📚

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Ann Kozma. In the #GridTip series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid.


When you were a student, did you ever want to write a book? Perhaps you actually were given the task to create a book on a given topic and share it with your class. In some capacity, assignments like this are still given to students in classrooms around the world. The idea may be the same, but the tools available have drastically changed!

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 5.48.07 AM.png

As we celebrate Appsmash Innovation Month, let’s start by considering how Book Creator and Flipgrid can be used together to share, celebrate, and showcase student learning in the classroom and beyond! Book Creator is a powerful tool that allows students to become creators of content and authors of their own books. Using Flipgrid as a platform to share their creations provides an incredible extension of the learning, helps students share the “why” behind their work, and serves as a place to celebrate their finished product. Creating content in one app and enhancing it in another app is what appsmashing is all about. Book Creator and Flipgrid work very well together and are perfect companions if you are just beginning your appsmash adventures!

So, how do these two apps work together? Let’s first consider some of the tools available within Book Creator. Students can add media to their pages within their Book Creator project by uploading photos, launching the camera, drawing or annotating with a pen tool, adding text boxes and even recording audio. They can also add shapes, upload files, add Google Maps and even embed the web. These options provide endless possibilities for students as they create and share original content related to their learning goals.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 5.56.20 AM.png

One of my favorite examples of student created books comes from Ruth Gaer’s class. Mrs. Gaer had her students write stories then illustrate, record, and publish their books in her foreign language class. These books represented the Spanish language acquisition and oral speaking skills the students were developing and was also a celebration of their creativity and unique voice.

But what happens when our students are done creating? How can they share a finished product? There are various share options for a Book Creator project; one that is used often is the Export as Video option. If students record audio within the pages of their Book Creator project, when they share their books, each book will play like a video and automatically advance with each page of the book. Importing a finished product into Flipgrid allows for students to share their content with peers and showcase their work beyond their device.

To share Book Creator projects in Flipgrid, students will choose to import a video rather than recording a video. The process for accessing the Grid is the same, but instead of clicking on the red record button, students will select Options and then select Import Video. They then select their Book Creator video from their camera roll and import their video into Flipgrid. Imagine the possibilities for a Grid full of student created books!

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 6.37.34 AM.png

The Import Video option in Flipgrid provides a whole new way for students to showcase their learning. Allowing students the opportunity to create in one app, save a video to their camera roll/Chromebook, and import the video into Flipgrid means that new possibilities exist for sharing and celebrating learning. Beyond that, there is endless potential for the discussions and collaborations that can take place on Flipgrid as students share the books they author, discuss their learning and ideas in the books they create or revisit their books that teach a skill or concept.

Appsmashing does not have to be complicated at all. What gets started in one app and shared to another is the magic of appsmashing. As students create, they will come to see how they can mix and match their favorite parts of different apps to create something completely different.

If you’ve never tried to appsmash, or never uploaded a video into Flipgrid, give it a try! Creating books, recording audio, and capturing student voice is truly a special way to showcase a student’s learning. Sharing the learning in a classroom, school, or even global community is empowering and is one way that we can provide authentic audiences for our students to share their voice with others.

Ready to go to the next level with appsmashing? Check out these resources for some new ideas!

💡 Check out Joe Merrill’s Book Creator and Flipgrid Integrate and Create eBook with tips and tricks to get you started.

💡 Learn some new ideas from the #Appsmashing Guide Volume 1 or Volume 2 by Joe Merrill.

💡 Revisit the Flipgrid Appsmash Bash Webinar with Jornea Erwin for even more ideas on appsmashing.

💡 Catch the highlights from Flipgrid’s Appsmash Madness 2018 and view Sean Forde’s winning #WorldReadAloud idea.

💡 Looking for a creative way to design your Book Creator book? iPad Master Class: Creating Learning and Teaching Resources by Alan Ellis will surely inspire you.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 7.32.39 AM.png

Advice from Appsmash King Joe:

Throughout October, Flipgrid is featuring Joe Merrill, a visionary First Grade teacher from Florida and the King of Appsmashing, and learning a bit more about his approach to appsmashing. Here is some practical advice from Joe on how to get started with appsmashing.


🎨➡️💭 “Provide opportunities for students to create, but still maintain higher levels of thinking.”

💡➡️🤩 “Know that students take on a new kind of ownership of their learning when appsmashing. It's a total game changer. Now, they’re making memories, not just listening as you teach lessons.”

🤷‍♂️➡️🕺 “Before you can expect your students to appsmash, you have to familiarize yourself with the tools also. Once you are familiar, make sure your students are able to maneuver through the apps.”

👩‍🎓➡️👩‍🏫 “App smashing is for everyone, not just students! Some of the best ideas will come to life simply because the teacher put their own creativity into developing a lesson. It's not hard to do, and your students will love your for it.”

🏠➡️💚 “I recommend using Flipgrid to as a place for your students share and present their work. Think of it as a place to "house" videos.”

Here’s to all of the appsmash adventures ahead!

Have fun exploring the possibilities with Book Creator and Flipgrid! Let us know how it goes on Twitter and give me a shout any time!


#GridTip: Using Flipgrid 🗣 Replies to Ignite Magic 🔮

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Jornea Erwin. In the #GridTip Series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Sign up for one of the Engage & Amplify: Flipgrid 101 Webinars!


I love the saying “learning loves community!” because it’s TRUE! As I think back to my early education experiences, I was taught to and had little opportunities to learn with. As a result, I struggled with retaining and even caring about the information being presented!

As educators, we’ve learned over the years that learning should focus on the learner and that inspiring and creating dialogue within a safe environment fosters growth. With only so many hours in a day, we’ve found discussion protocols to be an effective and efficient way to get students thinking critically about content. However, time, space, and distance often dictate when conversations can occur. Thankfully, Flipgrid can help you overcome these challenges to engage students in dialogue in the classroom and beyond!

Meet Student-to-Student Replies!
Student-to-Student Replies allow students the opportunity to respond to their peers within a Flipgrid Topic and participate in ongoing dialogue, any time and any place. And now that Flipgrid is 100% free, EVERY educator can use the Replies feature! Activate Replies when you want to immerse students in collaborative dialogue, foster asking and answering questions, and extend learning experiences.

Student to Student Replies.png

Replies-to-Responses is fully controlled by the educator and can be toggled-on when creating the Topic or anytime after creation by clicking “Edit Topic” & scrolling to Section 6: Video Features.


After viewing a video, students are given an option to reply to the original student’s response by clicking on the reply icon. Their Reply will appear under the original response. NOTE: if moderating the topic, Student-to-Student Replies will also be moderated and will not appear on the Grid until they’re approved by the Educator.

🔮 Let the Magic Begin… it’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

1️⃣ Set the stage: discuss and collaboratively develop expectations for Student-to-Student Replies. Ideas may include listening with respect and replying to ask a question, give an affirmation or extend new thinking with another idea. For example, check out the TAG acronym from Alison Nixon!

2️⃣ Support leads to success: If there are specific requirements you expect for responses, add it to your “Topic Tip” to support students.

3️⃣ Engage & amplify: Encourage students by sharing and showcasing replies. There is even an option for the educator to Add Private Video Feedback for a student Response in the Educator Admin. Either way, the excitement fills up a room when an icon of classmate or teacher pops up under a video.

💡 Ideas to Get Started including 🕺 Disco Library topics

📖 Connecting through Text: share a read aloud, novel, or article with students to read and explore (TIP: if available via web, attach the resource link as a TOPIC ATTACHMENT for reference). Ask students to respond to an open-ended question and provide evidence from the text to support their responses.
🕺 Forgiveness by Aubrey Di’Orio
This Topic engages students in connecting to the character in “Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse,” asking them if they’ve ever had a similar experience being upset and forgiving someone. Use the Student-to-Student Replies option for students to give suggestions to others about actions they could implement the next time they may find themselves in similar situations.

Spark thoughts for dialogue with intriguing media: Adding a TED Talk, a notice and wonder image, a quick attention grabber with a thought provoking question, or a fun personal video with a challenge is bound to be a hit when paired with a learning activity. (TIP: add your media as a TOPIC RESOURCE)
💃 Your Turn, Your TED Talk by Marilee Sarlitto
This topic empowers students to make a difference in the world by creating a “TEDtalk” about a topic that matters to them. Use the Student-to-Student Replies for students to leave feedback about what captured their attention during the talk as well as suggestions for improvement towards the final TEDtalk.

Explore, discuss and support with mathematical thinking: try out My Favorite No as an activity for students to discuss the accuracy of mathematical thinking.
🕺 Flipgrid Explorer Series: MatheMAGIC by Jen Saarinen and Sean Fahey
The Topics within the Flipgrid Explorer Series: MatheMAGIC allows students to have in-depth mathematical discourse. For example, in MatheMAGIC 3: Be A Convincer, students will convince others which does not belong. Use the Student-to-Student Replies to have students share whether the other students’ responses convinced them or not by providing evidence for their Reply.

Compare knowledge gained from experiments, including successes and failures.
💃 The Scientific Method Fliphunt by Mark Rocha
This topic encourages students to be inquirers. As students ask questions or share wonders in responses encourage other students to use Student-to-Student Replies to provide guidance, resources, or extend thinking of the question or idea shared by the student.

Ask and answer questions to clues from #GridPals!
🕺 Grid Pals: Where in the World by Bonnie McClelland
This Topic inspires students to research & learn about different countries, cultures, climates, etc. by connecting and asking detailed questions to #GridPals in hopes to determining their location. Use the Student-to-Student Replies for students to respond to questions giving further clues to their #GridPals about their location.

🗣 Support language acquisition through conversation. Simply have a conversation about a topic in a language being studied.
💃 Poesía, música e identidad by Ivette Torres
This Topic immerses students in practicing the art of speaking in another language by incorporating history, culture, and music. By providing authentic learning experiences, Student-to-Student replies can be used for students to make connections to personal experiences in the world we live in, using the language which is being studied.

It feels amazing to share your voice and it’s magical to know that your voice is heard, respected, and sparks dialogue. Each interaction creates a stronger community with bolstered care and love of learning within each individual. Enjoy being the catalyst to create this amazing magic with your students!

See you on the Grid!

#GridTip Party: Rocking MixTapes

The following blog post is written by Educator Innovation Leads Jornea Erwin, Ann Kozma, and Jess Boyce. In the #GridTip Series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Jornea, Ann, and Jess will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Sign up for one of the Engage & Amplify: Flipgrid 101 Webinars!


Pssst… we made you a MixTape! 

If you are wondering what a MixTape is: back in the day friends made MixTapes for each other as a way to share their favorite songs on a cassette tape! Whether it was a Birthday Mix or a Love Song Mix, or the Summer of ‘88 Mix, making a MixTape for someone meant something special. You wanted to share the very best! 

⏩Fast forward to today, and the announcement of Flipgrid MixTapes! Now you can create a custom mix of epic Flipgrid Responses from across your Grids, allowing you to share your students’ magic...no cassette tapes needed! 

MixTapes can be a compilation of whatever you want! Maybe you want to highlight your class’s best learning accomplishments over the semester. Or maybe you want to create individual student portfolios. Or showcase the winning auditions for the school play. You get to pick what goes on your MixTape, allowing you to share, celebrate, and showcase Responses in a totally righteous, tubular, major, gnarly way! 

🎧 How to Create MixTapes

  1. In your Flipgrid Educator Admin, click on MixTapes and create a new MixTape. Name your MixTape, add a Code (notice you have a + sign at the beginning, otherwise it’s the exact same as a Flip Code) and add your Description. Add an optional password if you wish, then hit Create. You’re now ready to add Responses to your MixTape!

  2. When viewing a Response from your Educator Admin, you will see a super rad 80s inspired cassette icon. Click it to add that response to your MixTape.  You can add as many videos as you want from any Grid you own or CoPilot. And you can arrange the videos in any order you’d like to create your own custom blend of awesome.

  3. Sharing your MixTape with someone special is part of the magic. Simply share your MixTape Flip Code and your custom mix is ready to go! Your audience will be able to easily view your MixTape (with videos in the order you chose). We even added credits to showcase the stars of your MixTape, as well as you, the director!

▶️ Ready to hit Play? 

Now that you know what Flipgrid MixTapes are, here are a few awesome ideas from some of our Student Voice Ambassadors.  

💡Student Voice Ambassador Amy Storer suggests using MixTapes as a yearbook or student portfolio to showcase and share favorite memories from the school year. 

💡Student Voice Ambassador Priscilla Heredia is planning on using MixTapes to transform her "Keep the Quote” classroom activity. Each week, Priscilla posts a motivational quote on a special roll of chart paper. A student who personifies the quote gets to keep it at the end of the week. But now, with MixTapes, the plan is to have students submit their own quotes, app-smash them into GIFs or videos and nominate peers who are deserving and get to cut the chart paper to “Keep the Quote” that week. The student who submits the quote will get to present it to the winner and the recording will be added to the Flipgrid MixTape...sort of like a Motivational Quote Hall of Fame. 

💡Student Voice Ambassador Jennifer Saarinen looks forward to collaborating with students as they become the MixTape DJ. The DJ will get to select videos based on a particular, purpose, skill, or outcome. Her plan is to put the power of creating the MixTape in to the students’ hands as she works to create a learner-centered environment. 

💡Student Voice Ambassador Claudio Zavala is going to rock a MixTape of a play or screenplay. Students will record individual parts in a Grid, then Claudio will put them together by scene in a MixTape, just imagine... a Romeo & Juliet MixTape. He also created the very first MixTape for his amazing #SingaSong Grid!

💡Student Voice Ambassador Karly Moura suggests using MixTapes like a highlight reel celebrating the learning that happens over the course of a semester. 

Follow a MixTape

MixTapes are a magical way to share epic moments and showcase student voice. But, how do you ensure that your students, families, and friends never miss a mic-drop moment? Now your community can stay up-to-date when new videos are added by Following your MixTapes. When viewing a MixTape, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to Follow. Enter your email address and choose a daily or weekly email notification.

The possibilities with MixTapes are endless. From portfolios, to celebrations, to mic-drop moments, we hope you enjoy this new feature as another awesome way to amplify student voice. 

Ready to rock? 🎶 Let’s mix it up! 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 

See you on the Grid! 🚀

#GridTip: Engaging Students From the Start

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Jess Boyce. In the #GridTip Series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Sign up for one of the Engage & Amplify: Flipgrid 101 Webinars!


The smell of fresh pencil shavings (or the sound of unpacking new styluses), falling leaves, and the ringing of the first bell: back to school season has me thinking of new ways to introduce content! Whether you call it activating prior knowledge, creating a hook, or piquing interest, there are endless ways to capture that fresh excitement and get students engaged and interested in their learning from day one! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite ideas and Disco Library Topics to help get your wheels turning…

🔔 Wonderings

Have students articulate things that they wonder about. This can be a topic that you are about to dive into (for example, check out Amanda Alessandro’s fiddler crabs Topic for Science class) or simply showing a picture and having students sharing what they see, think, or wonder. Wonderings is a great way to get students started on the writing process.

Launch this Topic from Liz Capizzano!

📖 Pre-Reading

Have students answer a question as a lead into the next passage that will be read in class. This can spark discussions on themes, plot, etc.

Launch this Topic from Rebecca Rients!

📢 Opinions

Ask students how they feel about a topic. We generally take our prior knowledge or experiences and use them to form opinions. Asking students how or what they feel about a topic before diving in is a great way to get them thinking and sharing. For example, “what do you know about any specific revolutions?”

Launch this Topic from L Holmgren!


What do you think the next unit is about? Show a picture or video and have students guess what the next topic of study will be. Fun twist from Erin Wilson: if students cannot guess what the topic is about, record a new video giving another clue.

Launch this Topic from Erin Wilson!


Leverage Flipgrid for a twist on the traditional KWL chart. Present students with a topic of study and have them record responses to “What do you know about this topic?” and “What do you want to know about this topic?" After the unit, they can reply to themselves with a reflection on what they learned!

🔮 Passage Prediction

What do you think is happening here? Show an image taken from a passage or text. Have students make predictions about the topic, theme, setting, characters, etc.

Launch this Topic from Cynthia Neal!

💬 Vocabulary

Have students find the definition and record a video about it. This could take on many forms – create a video that shows the words, draw pictures to represent what the words mean, use the words in a sentence, etc.

Launch this Topic from Malinda Hurt!

🚫 Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Show pictures and ask students which one doesn’t belong. Have them justify their reasoning, by explaining why.

Launch this Topic from Pamela Warner!

🤔 Making Predictions (Experimental v. Theoretical Probability)

Have students come up with hypotheses based on how they think an experiment will turn out. They could reply to themselves at a later time to explain what actually happened with the experiment.

Launch this Topic from Scott Titmas!

Note that all of these ideas would work great for a flipped assignment: students’ first Response video can be recorded at home and then you can follow up with the companion lesson the next day in class. Whatever approach you choose, have fun getting your students pumped about learning! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

See you on the Grid!  

#GridTip: Let's Celebrate Readers 📚

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Ann Kozma. In the #GridTip series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid.

GridTip_Ann (1).jpg

Hello friends! I am so excited. This is my first #GridTip and I’m starting off with a celebration of reading! As educators, we want all of our students to be successful. We also want them to develop a love of reading. By providing pathways for all readers to share, we can celebrate alongside our students as they develop skills related to phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. In this #GridTip I'll share how one school champions their readers using Flipgrid and provide tips for creating your own Celebration of Reading Grid! 


#BWreads at Beechwood School

Emily McDougall, COTSEN Mentor and Literacy Specialist at Beechwood School in Fullerton, California, created the #BWreads Grid as a space for Kindergarten through 8th Grade students to share and celebrate reading in class and beyond! Her goals were to:

🎉Celebrate readers on campus
🏫Provide an authentic place to share reading lives in class and beyond
💪Empower readers to use skills gained in Readers Workshop and direct instruction
🏠Connect with families in the community and engage readers at home

Emily and the staff got together and brainstormed topics that would be meaningful for the students. Teachers, Specialists, and Administrators joined forces and provided opportunities for classrooms to “sign up” and students immediately began adding to the Grid. #BWReads became a movement that involved the entire learning community and grew beyond a school wide celebration of reading. Just check out these reviews from students, teachers, and admins!

“I liked posting videos and watching my friends’ videos. This helped me improve as a reader because I used to skip words. I decided that I wouldn’t skip words anymore. I wanted to learn more about book so I could share them with my friends.” - Evan, 2nd Grade

“I loved learning about new books that I could read. I would go to the 4th Grade Topic and see what videos my friends put in there.” - Mia, 4th Grade

“Letting my students share their books on Flipgrid empowered them as readers. They began to learn more about different types of text and this gave them authentic ways to extend their learning.” - Ms. Ritz, 1st Grade Teacher

“This is part of the fabric of our school, it is our reading community. It’s cool to explain your thinking, it’s what our readers do and this is an exciting way to do it.” Mrs. Graham, Principal


Create your Own Grid

🔒Determine which Grid Community type works best for your school. Unsure which Grid type you need? Here's some information to help you choose!

👩‍🏫Help teachers and students learn how to use Flipgrid. Encourage the staff to try it out first. Go hands on and push buttons. If you’re new to Flipgrid, be sure to check out the awesome Flipgrid Booth Instruction Posters created by Student Voice Ambassador Claudio Zavala.

🧠Brainstorm with your community to generate Topics that will be meaningful for your readers. Let students and families suggest Topics too! Make sure you have a wide range of Topics that interest readers of all levels. Share examples of how to organize your thinking (Thinking Maps, Graphic Organizers, etc) to help students be successful with their first response.

💌Partner up with your teacher peers and admins then share the Grid widely with your community. Promote your Grid at Back to School Night, in your school Newsletter, on your school’s social media pages, talk about it and let your community know what you are trying to do to celebrate the readers on campus.


Disco Library

As is often the case, the best place to find inspiration as you're starting a Flipgrid project is to explore the Disco Library. Here are 13 Disco Library Topics that are perfect for your new Celebration of Reading Grid! 

Elementary Topics
📖Saralee’s Favorite Book
📖Chelsea’s 1 Minute Book Talk Challenge
📖Amanda’s Book Talks
📖Samantha’s 6 Word Summaries

Middle School Topics
📖Kelly’s Your Book Talk
📖Meagan’s Book Love Book Talk
📖Mandy’s Book Talk Bonanza
📖Rick’s Become the Character
📖Sarah’s Reading Response

High School Topics
📖Janel’s 30 Second Book Talks  
📖Janice’s Blind Book Dates
📖Laura’s Adversity in Literature
📖Kathleen’s Current Events & Text Connections

As your school year begins, I hope you find ways to share and celebrate the authentic reading lives of those in your community. If you have any questions, give me a shout anytime on Twitter or email: ann@flipgrid.com. I'm always here to help!

Here’s to the learning journey. See you on the Grid! 🚀

#Grid Tip: 🔔 Back to School 💚🏫💚

The following post is written by Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Armant Erwin. In this series (see the full collection here) Jornea will share a unique #GridTip to help you make the most of Flipgrid!

Grid Tip Image.jpg

Welcome back! For many educators, the end of summer is near and it's time to get excited for a new batch of students! With all the excitement, I've put together some of my best Grid ideas and Flipgrid tips as you start planning back-to-school. Many of these can be used be used prior to the first day, and all of them are sure to get your students engaged! Before you dive in:

✅ Discover the all new Flipgrid!
✅ Learn about GridPals.
✅ Check out Kristin Merrill's awesome list of back-to-school Topic ideas.
✅ Explore the Disco Library

Let me know what you think and then share your best ideas with me on Twitter: @Savvy_Educator. Have a great semester! 

💡 Creating Communities of Love and Learning

🗣️ Say My Name - Our names are part of our identity, so it is important to say our students' names correctly! Learn each child's name before the start of school by creating a topic for students to share their name and what makes their name special.

🤝Meet and Greet - Face to face meet & greets with parents are great, but not everyone is able to participate or remember the information shared. By flipping your "Meet and Greet" and placing it as a Topic on your back to school Grid (use the Public / PLN Grid option), families can share a bit of their world and get to know you as well. It will introduce them to Flipgrid and let them have fun recording as a family!



👩‍🏫Who's Who? - What better way to build community than to know who is in your community!  Create a District or School grid and ask all faculty and staff to introduce themselves, share their job role and their passion for what they do! This is bound to strengthen the relationships among educators and the community. Check out the inspiration from Spring Lake Park School District

💡  Communication & Organization is Key


Information, Forms, and FAQs - Do you have a list of forms parents need to complete or important information they need access to?  Add your form or information as topic attachments to your Welcome Back Flipgrid message to families.  It serves as a great landing page to access important resources.  Encourage families with questions to record a response to ask their question. It may be best to turn on "Response Moderation" and the questions you want to feature can become your school's FAQs.

First Day FlipHunt Fun - Kathi Kersznowski wowed the 🌎 and the #FlipgridFever community with her amazing FlipHunt idea. And enthusiasm skyrocketed when she and Priscilla Heredia presented it at #StuVoiceCon18! Create a FlipHunt for students and families to understand school policies and procedures in a fun and creative way!