Meet Flipgrid Ambassador Joe Marquez 💫

Joe Marquez, an Instructional Technology TOSA, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year!  He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who continuously shares Flipgrid in his Sons of Technology blog and amazingly energetic conference presentations!  We had the pleasure of having Joe share a multitude of rockstar ideas with the #Flipgridfever community during Flipgrid Unplugged 3: Hacking the Grid.  If you ask Joe about Flipgrid, he will exclaim, "Flipgrid is AWESOMESAUCE!" 


#Wednesday Wisdom from Joe Marquez:

We use Flipgrid on our campus to poll student opinion for digital citizenship and other thought provoking questions. We use it to give a voice to those shy kids who are amazingly smart but do not want to be center of attention. I use Flipgrid as our main video host for our student created screen-casts, green screen videos, and stop motion projects. I also use Flipgrid in a Masters course I teach as our main source of communication and weekly vlogs! Also Flipgrid is my go-to favorite to create an APPSmashing Amalgamation of Awesomeness!! 

Flipgrid has allowed my students to find their voice and understand that everyone has a statement that deserves to be heard.

I would say that EVERYONE is embarrassed to use Flipgrid at first (the students not the teacher). It does not matter what grade level or age. Everyone will try to hide their face or fix their makeup. This phase will pass and Flipgrid will become their new favorite medium to share their unparalleled awesomeness with you!! 

Check out Joe's Flipgrid Rockstar intro:

Twitter: @JoeMarquez70

Joe would love for you to add and participate in his grid TechInClass to discuss the use of technology in the classroom.

⭐️ Student Voice Ambassadors ⭐️

The following post is written by Flipgrid Head of Engagement Joey Taralson. Joey and the Flipgrid Engagement Team (Adam, Jornea, George, Jess, and Ann) are honored support and amplify the inspiring Flipgrid educator community! 


Student Voice Ambassadors are the most passionate and innovative educators on the planet, standing up for student engagement, agency, and empowerment wherever they go! They are champions of #StudentVoice and promoters of social learning. And they are relentlessly supportive of their peers in the educator community!

Interested in becoming a Student Voice Ambassador? Awesome! It’s simple.

1. Earn your Level 1 Flipgrid Certified Educator badge. You can do this any time, including after you submit your Ambassador video!

2. Submit a video on our Ambassador grid, in the very first Topic: Student Voice Ambassadors. In your response, be sure to include:

  • Your name and location

  • Your role

  • How you amplify student voice and promote social learning

We will review periodically and reach out when we form a new class. Once you are invited to join, we ask that you participate in the community by sharing ideas and helping your peers. We also ask that you maintain an open line of communication with our team, as we rely heavily on Student Voice Ambassadors to help us improve Flipgrid. Those are the only two requirements!

Any questions, give me a shout any time. Thank you for being part of the Flipgrid community and thank you for your commitment to student voice!


Joey Taralson

#GridTip with Jornea Erwin: Elections with Ease

The following post is written by Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Erwin. In this series Jornea will share a unique #GridTip to help you make the most of your Flipgrid subscription!


Around the world, students of all ages are leading change within their school and communities. It's election season and no matter whether it's running for homecoming courts, giving speeches for student council/government, or advocating for a school, local, national or global cause, students have a voice that should be amplified.  Transform traditional practices and maxime impact with Flipgrid!

Follow these simple steps to supercharge your election experience:


First, set up a grid for student leadership. 


Create topics for students to express their ideas, motivate with speeches  and inspire change in other students.  


Set up the topic for success!


Section 1:
Homecoming Court Nominees (Topic Title)
Set your Launch and Freeze Dates to set when you want to launch and end student responses.


Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 2.10.01 PM.png
Section 3 Topic Attachment

Section 3: “Topic Attachment” Add a online form for voting (Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, SurveyMonkey, etc.) to automatically calculate the number of votes.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 2.00.04 PM.png

Section 4: Turn on Moderation

  • “Response Moderation” This will ensure only the students who are running for homecoming court’s videos will be displayed once you approved them.

  • “Response Link - “Public” so those who have access to the grid will see the student resources. Allow students to add resources such as a homecoming poster advertisement or slogan.

  • "Response Title" to add hashtags for such as "court positions" for sorting purposes. For example if "#king" is typed once you click on the hashtag all the student responses with #king will be sorted together.


Share the topic for students to add their voice.  The topic can be shared via link, QR Code, embedded on a school webpage or on social media.

Yay!  Now all of your videos are in one place to all to access with ease and a link is there ready for them to vote!  

On the freeze date begin adding the moderated videos so students can view their peers responses and use the form to begin voting!  

This tip broadens impact, maximizes time, and fosters student communication and creativity.

See you on the grid! 🚀






Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Jen Giffen 💫

Jen Giffen, a Digital Literacy Resource Teacher, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for the past 7 months.  She is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador sharing Flipgrid ideas in her blog and at many educational summits.  “Dynamic” is how Jen describes Flipgrid!   


#WednesdayWisdom about Flipgrid from Jen Giffen:

I like to use Flipgrid to do book talks, document conference learnings, introduce people who will be working on teams together (who are coming from different schools), documenting learning (think portfolios), sharing ideas, mystery hangouts with different time zones....just to name a few.

Simply put - more opportunities for voice for more learners.

Think outside the box.  Find ways to use Flipgrid that are not traditional tool.  In the time I have used this I have seen it used in so many clever ways.

Check out Jen’s Flipgrid Rockstar intro:

Twitter: @virtualgiff

One Day in Our Lives Project

The following is a guest blog post from Laura Krenicki. Laura is a middle school social studies teacher in Colchester, Connecticut. For the past seven years, Laura’s organized projects centered around connecting students from around the world through discussing global issues. We first saw Laura’s One Day Grid on Twitter and we reached out to learn more. The following is an adaptation from her personal blog post, Rationale for One Day in Our Lives, which first presented the project, followed by her reflection on the incredible Grid that resulted.


The topic of "global literacy" is quite broad, and it feels like sometimes we are doing great things in our schools, while other times it feels like we are merely scratching the surface. Even the "experts" aren't always specific in how to achieve global goals.

Normally, I teach middle-schoolers whose world view is narrow, if not egocentric, and I know it is my job to expand their worldview through experiences. Once they graduate, the inquisitiveness to know about the world and the people in it should and must be intrinsic. To foster this culture, I decided to connect students around the world and started a project through the Global Collaboration Day website.

For the first few years, I tried a forum-based platform to facilitate the community. However, the difficulty with logging-in, burden of organizing numerous posts and prompts, and challenge with scheduling across multiple classrooms - let alone across multiple time-zones - made feedback and engagement slow. With that said, I noticed that kids who posted photos or videos - rather than merely text - had a lot more engagement! For example, a group of boys in Asia made a video about the various dishes you could make with noodles. While it was meant to be informative, the group became unintended media stars! The takeaway? VIDEO IS IMPORTANT.

Last spring, Kerri Thompson introduced me to Bronwyn Joyce’sWhat If?” project. My students were so excited to share their ideas using Flipgrid that I decided to use the same format for Global Collaboration Day in September. Two things that made me especially excited about using Flipgrid were, (1) as I mentioned, video always makes the experience more positive, and (2) Flipgrid doesn't require logging-in to find responses.

With a community already built through the The Global Collaboration Day website, I able to promote the project with previous participants and amplify #StudentVoice. Furthermore, I was able to bring on-board some new classrooms through sharing the initiative via social media - specifically on my personal and classroom Twitter accounts. I also embedded the Grid Topics on our class websites.

The completed project documents a typical day for students around the world. By no accident, Global Collaboration Day fell on International Peace Day, and the Grid beautifully exemplified this through the incredible student responses. Since the project was short in duration and welcoming for students of all grade levels, teachers found it a valuable experience for their students that was easy to incorporate into our busy schedules. More importantly, students were thrilled to see and hear kids around the world, share their personal thoughts and ideas, and draw inspiration from the hopes and dreams of their peers. Flipgrid made all the difference in the project this year!

Flipgrid Voice Pods: Significant Adult's Day

The following is a guest blog post from Marilyn McLaughlin. Marilyn is a 5th Grade Cambridge Teacher at Calusa Park Elementary in Naples, Florida. After her city was hit by Hurricane Irma, her school hosted a back-to-school celebration in conjunction with Governor Rick Scott's "Dad’s Take Your Child to School Day." You may have seen Marilyn's viral "Flipgrid Pods" tweet at the event. In this post she shares the special day and how she used Flipgrid to build community. 


Ah, summer…time to relax and think of new and exciting ways to motivate my students. My class had ended the school year with their #FlipgridFever on fire. When I asked them to reflect on what they liked about Flipgrid, they said everything except that they were embarrassed to film themselves in front of their peers. I knew I needed a solution that wouldn’t break the teacher summer budget and would allow the students to use their voice.

On Twitter, I watched as some of my favorite Tweetchers created Flipgrid recording studios for their classrooms and knew it was the solution to my dilemma. I searched and came across the GigaTent Pop-Up Pod. Really used for camping, but standing tall at adult size, I knew it would be perfect. Not to mention, it came in FLIPGRID green! I ordered mine before the school year started. Flipgrid sent me some sticker swag and we were ready to go (get your's here: Flipgrid Pod).

Flipgrid was introduced to administrators over the summer and quickly our whole district had #FlipgridFever. My administration came to me and asked about my Flipgrid Pod. As a school, we ordered more Pop-Up Pods for our teachers to check out and use as needed. But before we could even share the pods with the teacher---we were hit by Hurricane Irma.

With Naples taking a direct hit, our community was devastated. Downed power lines, no electricity, damaged roads and homes. School cancelled for 12 days. It was and continues to be a difficult time for our students. However, our district knew we needed to get our students back to school as quickly as possible to be able to have our families feel a sense of normalcy.

Teachers went back to school on Friday, September 22 and began planning for the return of students on Monday. Every year Governor Rick Scott proclaims a day in September to be Dad’s Take Your Child to School Day. As a school, we decided to hold our Dad’s (or significant adult) Day on September 27th. My administration came to me and asked if I would run the Flipgrid station. I gladly accepted.

We debated our topic: Should we talk about the hurricane? Should we tell parents to send a video thanking someone for their help during the aftermath of the hurricane? After much deliberation, we decided no hurricane topics! Our Topic would be simple: Parents, tell us what makes your child special! Students, tell us what makes your adult special!

We were not sure if parents would come. After all, many were still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. We sent home notices on Monday stating that the event was scheduled for Wednesday. We set up our PODS, our STEAM activities, put staff on place, and opened the gates!

As a school, we expected a low turnout, but the response was amazing! Over 300 families attended the event! Parents were so excited to be there with their children. Our Pods were full and parents were waiting in line to try Flipgrid. I could not keep up with the amount of families waiting to try our Flipgrid Pods. I asked for extra iPads, but parents said they wanted to wait for a Pod to open up. They created 73 videos in 30 minutes! Flipgrid Fever was overwhelming that morning. Our event was a success and we were elated that parents had come.

I tweeted out the event as usual and was not expecting the response I received. Tweetchers everywhere were asking where I got the Pods from and how they needed to try this at their school. We even received a phone call from a superintendent in Montana asking about ways to use Flipgrid to connect his schools. It was amazing and we were happy to tell them all about the pods, the event and new ways to use Flipgrid beyond the classroom.

Next time you are planning an Open House, a STEAM event, Curriculum Night, or any other school-wide activity, plan on introducing a Flipgrid station. It’s sure to be a hit and take Flipgrid “Beyond the Classroom.”